Welcome Intent / Welcome Message

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The Welcome Message is the very first message a chatbot sends when the user is confronted with the chatbot. It serves to pick up the users of a chatbot, provide information and explain what the next steps together can look like.

The first message has the motto: "Create a shared understanding!".

Two different types are distinguished: Either the chatbot sends a message proactively to the potential user or the user initiates communication with the chatbot himself by writing to it.

Relevance of the Welcome Message

First impressions count. This is also true with chatbots. That's why it's so important to put a lot of thought into how you build that message. You should give the user a good feeling right from the start when interacting with the user. The welcome message can be compared to the menu of a website. It offers the user navigation and orientation.

Recommended structure of the start message

The welcome message should contain the following components:

  • Presentation of the chatbot (also an explanation that it is a chatbot)
  • Avatar, Logo (Does my chatbot have a character and a look?)
  • Explain the capabilities of the chatbot (What information can the chatbot provide and where are the limits of the application?)
  • Explanation of how to interact with the chatbot (free text or guided conversation)
  • Explanation of whether and how a Human Handover works

Repeated Playback of the Welcome Message

In some cases it may be useful to replay the welcome message. For example, when new features are implemented, or to remind users of the chatbot's capabilities. Of course, the welcome message can also be played back time-controlled, so that users receive the message again after a longer period of inactivity to receive information about new features or changes.

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