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BOTfriends X Enables New Possibilities for Companies to Use Chatbots and Conversational AI

The company BOTfriends first introduced the conversational middleware platform BOTfriends X at the Chatbot Summit in December 2019 in Berlin.

With an increasing number of chatbots and language assistants the need arises for companies to connect and synchronize the various technologies and features. A so called conversational AI platform, should make it possible to manage and further optimize chatbot projects without much effort. So far, solutions available on the market still have significant gaps and do not meet the requirements of customers.   For example, functions are missing to roll out in several countries or manage multiple languages. Furthermore, departments often complain about technical interfaces being too complex to manage and maintain the knowledge database learned through AI. Due to the increasing number of target groups and users, an ever more extensive user management becomes necessary, which existing NLP platforms do not provide themselves.


During the last three years BOTfriends has analyzed the arising needs and expectations of companies together with its customers. This experience was used to develop a conversational middleware platform that addresses the increased complexity of introducing chatbots in companies. Four advantages define BOTfriends X:  


  1. BOTfriends X offers companies the option to integrate and manage several conversational AI solutions like chatbots and voice assistants on a single platform. Creating bot projects is easier, faster and more efficient. This is because the platform provides a great amout of already existing use cases like a library.
  2. Content for bots can be inserted and maintained via an intuitive user interface. It allows users without programming skills to create a chatbot or voice assistant quickly and easily and to design its content.
  3. The platform is compatible with widely used software. The most relevant NLP services (e.g. Dialogflow, Rasa), chatbot analytics platforms (e.g. Chatbase, Dashbot) and channel connectors (e.g. Smooch, SAP Conversational AI) are available. This flexibility in the choice of providers eases the integration of Conversational AI solutions into a company structure and prevents technology lock-in.
  4. A human handover feature can be made available immediately to any project in the configuration process. It ensures, in the case of a bot being unable to answer a user question, to smoothly forwards the conversation within the chat to a real person. An employee can now continue the conversation and provide a positive user experience. By allowing this, bots and humans can work hand in hand.

In a nutshell, BOTfriends X supports companies to introduce and establish scalable conversational AI solutions in multiple departments.

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BOTfriends has set itself the goal, to make the interaction between people and technology as natural and effortless as a dialogue between humans. For this purpose, the company offers the conversational AI platform BOTfriends X to enable customers such as Porsche, Innogy or Telekom to configure and customize the content of their chatbots and voice assistants in a simple interface.