Human Handover

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A human handover (also known as a human takeover or human handoff) is the forwarding of a conversation from a chatbot to a real person.

The term Human Takeover is usually used when the conversation is not handed over, but the person actively takes over a conversation.

Trigger for the Human Handover

A human handover can be triggered by different scenarios:

  • Explicit demand for a real human/ employee
  • The chatbot doesn't know the answer to a certain question (default fallback intent is hit)
  • The chatbot is not secure enough (low Confidence Level)
  • The emotional state of the user has a negative value (sentiment score).
  • A certain intent is taken where human intervention is desired or required
  • Certain metrics, such as the shopping cart of an online shop, contain products worth > 1,000 €.

Warm/ Cold Human Handover

A warm handover refers to the immediate transfer of the user to an employee. The human response is played out to the user promptly and in the same channel.

Cold Handover, on the other hand, interrupts the conversation flow and/or changes the channel. A common example of this is a handover from the Facebook Messenger to the email channel.

Tools for Human Handover

A handover can be integrated into various tools:

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