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How the HR chatbot "Edda" supports applicants in the application process.

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"What I really appreciate about working with BOTfriends is that when you bring in ideas, you're not immediately told 'that's not possible' or 'that's not our area.' For us, they didn't serve up a standard concept, but rather put together the ideal package based on our goals and ideas."

Franz Kokoth from KAGes

Ing. Franz Kokoth, MSc
Team Leader Personnel Systems and Accounting and Head of SAP-CCoE,
Steiermärkische Krankenanstalten GmbH (KAGes)



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Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft m.b.H. (KAGes) is one of the largest hospital companies in Europe. It is not profit-oriented, is a non-profit organization and serves the common good. Its core business is the construction and operation of hospitals in the province of Styria and their management. KAGes is wholly owned by the Province of Styria and, as the largest Styrian employer, major investor and purchaser, is a constant driving force for the local economy.

In 10 regional hospitals at 20 locations and four regional care centers, 18,172 qualified employees provide health care and long-term care for approximately 208,820 inpatients and approximately 1,309,747 outpatients in Styria.


Due to the different location-specific benefits, the communication of these opportunities could not be efficiently presented to the applicants. These benefits are often decisive factors that make applicants decide in favor of the company and the location or not. In the search for skilled workers, these are essential success factors that counteract the high shortage of skilled workers.

Furthermore, the career portal lacks the individual search assistant, which picks up thoughts and needs specifically in the web interface.


Through the use of chatbot 'Edda' on the official website, questions from applicants and interested parties about employee benefits at KAGes, career paths and company information are now answered automatically.

Thanks to chatbot 'Edda', the job search is also pre-sorted for interested parties according to the desired work location and the respective area of responsibility.

Here, the chatbot guides the user through a dynamic query of occupational and job groups and directs them directly to the online application.

In addition, 'Edda' provides information on company locations, their respective benefits, and answers to FAQs.

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