Learn from our chatbot experts


how to use hidden functions in Dialogflow


how to link different APIs and external systems


how to develop special chatbot functions

The seminar content


Advanced concepts: learn how to use Dialogflow as an expert

Dialogflow SDKs and APIs: Learn to build dialogflow around

Chatbot Architectures: Find the Right Technology Stack

Integration of Google ML APIs: Expand your chatbot with intelligent features

  • NLP
  • translation
  • Image recognition

Multilingual concepts: Find the right mix between scale and quality

Cross Division / Multi Company Chatbot: Manage Bots in Large Organizations

Integration of external systems: Communicate with existing systems (CRM, ERP etc.)

Human Handover: Set escalation levels for your conversations

Using Cloud Services: Benefit from the Google Cloud Platform

BOTfriends Tools: Learn to simplify and accelerate your development process through clustering and Excel to Dialogflow parser.


  • Interest in digital innovation
  • Want to gather expertise in chatbot design and user experience
  • No previous knowledge required

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