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Create chatbots intuitively in the BOTfriends X platform and integrate them into your desired system such as Oracle Fusion Service.

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Chatbot Integration Oracle

One chatbot platform - countless use cases

Maximize the performance of your business data and processes by integrating BOTfriends X with Oracle Fusion Service. This combination allows you to develop specialized chatbots that can be seamlessly integrated. These bots provide automated support for data analysis, reporting and business-critical processes. With integration into Oracle, you can increase the efficiency of your business processes, ensure quick access to important information and achieve smarter data management. Use BOTfriends X in combination with Oracle to optimize your business processes and support data-driven decisions.

BOTfriends Oracle FAQ

Answering frequently asked questions

Give your customers quick access to frequently asked questions and their answers via an integrated chatbot in Oracle Fusion Service. This FAQ bot provides direct assistance to answer common queries, reducing the burden on the support team and improving the customer experience by providing immediate help.

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Increase employee productivity

Support your employees in answering customer queries by integrating the chatbot into Oracle Fusion Service. This intelligent bot suggests answers and recommends the next best action based on incoming requests, reducing response time and increasing employee productivity.

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BOTfriends Oracle Agent Assist
BOTfriends Oracle Knowledge Base

Answering queries using a knowledge base

Our chatbot in Oracle Fusion Service integrates seamlessly with your knowledge base to provide accurate and comprehensive answers to customer queries. With access to extensive information, customers can receive relevant and detailed solutions directly through the chatbot, resulting in more efficient problem solving.

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Why you should automate your business processes with BOTfriends X & Oracle Fusion Service

The integration of Oracle Fusion Service into the Conversational AI platform BOTfriends X offers numerous advantages for companies that want to automate their business processes with chatbots:

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Efficient answers

With access to extensive knowledge databases, the chatbot can provide accurate and comprehensive information, resulting in faster problem resolution while reducing the support team's workload.

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Uninterrupted availability

Chatbots are available around the clock, unlike most customer service staff. Your company can therefore also be reached outside of normal business hours, which ensures continuous support for your customers.

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Fast service

The integration of a chatbot enables an immediate response to customer inquiries. Frequently asked questions are answered promptly, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and a smooth support process.

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Reduction of support costs

By automating common support tasks, chatbot integration reduces support costs and allows your team to focus on more complex and value-adding tasks.

BOTfriends Integration Oracle

Integrate applications and automate your service

Your service employees cannot be available around the clock on every channel. That's why there are intelligent bots that support you in your daily work. Contact us for more information on integrations and automation with AI bots.

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