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Create chatbots intuitively in the BOTfriends X platform and integrate them into your desired system such as SAP Ariba.

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SAP Ariba Chatbot Integration

One chatbot platform - countless use cases

Expand the possibilities of your procurement system by integrating BOTfriends X into SAP Ariba. This combination enables the development and integration of customized chatbots directly into your SAP Ariba system. These bots provide automated assistance with procurement processes, supplier interactions and order management. With the integration into SAP Ariba, you can increase process efficiency, reduce the processing time of requests and ensure smooth communication between different procurement departments. Using BOTfriends X together with SAP Ariba transforms your procurement management into an intelligent, automated system.

BOTfriends SAP Ariba supplier onboarding

Suppliers onboard

Use the chatbot integration to guide suppliers through the onboarding process, provide help with document submission and respond to queries instantly. This facilitates cooperation and speeds up the onboarding of new suppliers into your systems, resulting in an efficient and hassle-free process right from the start!

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Conduct automated negotiations

A chatbot facilitates interaction with suppliers, automates the negotiation of terms and prices and manages standardized negotiation processes. With just one chat message, you can achieve more efficient negotiations, smooth communication and improved procurement processes!

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BOTfriends SAP-Ariba negotiation
BOTfriends SAP Ariba order status

Delivery status updates

Stay informed at all times! Thanks to the SAP Ariba Chatbo integration, you receive updates on the status of your deliveries anytime and anywhere. The chatbot provides you with real-time information about your deliveries, monitors the status of shipments and keeps you informed about the progress of your orders. All essential information is sent directly to your chat, which contributes to transparent and delay-free management of your supply chain.

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Guided Buying

Optimize your purchasing processes! With the help of the chatbot, your employees can organize and carry out purchases directly. The bot provides personalized suggestions that are tailored to the specific requirements of the user and helps to adhere to compliance rules and budget limits. Thanks to this seamless integration, the procurement process is made more efficient and flexible.

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BOTfriends SAP Ariba Guided Buying

Why you should automate your procurement processes with BOTfriends X & SAP Ariba

The integration of SAP Ariba into the conversational AI platform BOTfriends X offers numerous advantages for companies that want to automate their procurement processes with chatbots:

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Faster decision-making

A chatbot with SAP Ariba integration enables managers to quickly access procurement data, budgets and supplier data. This facilitates decision-making, as relevant information is available in real time and managers can make informed decisions.

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Permanent availability

Chatbots can be available around the clock, enabling continuous support for customers or suppliers, even outside regular business hours.

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Automation of ordering processes

Automate your order processes with ease! Recurring orders, requests for deliveries or standard processes can be handled automatically via the chatbot, saving time and reducing human error.

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Better user experience

The integration of SAP Ariba gives users seamless access to procurement and supplier data. Employees can easily retrieve information, place orders or access order statuses via the chatbot without having to switch platforms. This improves the user experience and increases productivity.

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Improved data consistency and accuracy

The integration helps to improve data consistency and accuracy. As the chatbot accesses SAP Ariba data, information is retrieved in real time, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of the data. This helps to minimize errors due to outdated or inconsistent data and improve the reliability of the information.

BOTfriends SAP Ariba Integration

Integrate applications and automate your service

Your service employees cannot be available around the clock on every channel. That's why there are intelligent bots that support you in your daily work. Contact us for more information on integrations and automation with AI bots.

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