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Create chatbots intuitively in the BOTfriends X platform and integrate them into your desired channels such as Slack.

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Slack chatbot integration

One chatbot platform - countless use cases

Harness the power of Conversational AI to revolutionize your Slack communication. Slack's integration with BOTfriends X allows you to develop powerful chatbots for internal and external requests. This increases efficiency by answering up to 80% of routine requests automatically, which both shortens response times and reduces the burden on your support teams. Improve your customer experience and optimize internal processes with an intelligent chatbot seamlessly integrated into Slack. Experience how BOTfriends X modernizes your communication and supports your business success.

Slack integration internal communication Botfriends

Internal communication for employees

Use the Slack integration to optimize internal communication! Chatbots in Slack provide a seamless platform for employees to exchange messages, coordinate projects and collaborate. Whether in channels or direct messages, chatbots enable smooth and efficient internal communication for the entire team.

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HR: Answer employee queries automatically

Enable quick access to HR information! By integrating chatbots into Slack, employees can receive automated answers to frequently asked HR questions. From vacation requests to company policies, employees can quickly and easily access relevant HR information via the chatbot in Slack.

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Slack Integration HR Botfriends
Slack Integration IT Botfriends

Automate IT support 

Speed up your IT support! Chatbots in Slack automate IT support by answering common IT questions and providing basic technical support. Employees can use the chatbot in Slack to report problems, find solutions and even solve simple technical issues on their own - all within the familiar Slack interface.

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Why you should automate your customer service with BOTfriends X & Slack

The integration of Slack into the conversational AI platform BOTfriends X offers numerous advantages for companies that want to automate their customer service with chatbots:

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Time saving

Chatbot integration allows repetitive tasks to be automated, saving time. Employees can quickly receive answers to frequently asked questions without having to wait for human support.

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Reduced workload

The workload of support teams can be significantly reduced by allowing chatbots to handle simple requests independently. This allows teams to focus on more complex tasks that require human expertise.

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Improved service availability

Chatbots offer round-the-clock support, which increases service availability for employees. No matter what time, they can receive support or information without being restricted to regular working hours.

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Consistency of information

Chatbots provide consistent and standardized answers to frequently asked questions or when providing information. This ensures that all employees receive the same correct information, regardless of who processes the request. This consistency promotes uniform communication and prevents potential misunderstandings or inconsistencies in the information provided.

BOTfriends Slack Integration

Integrate applications and automate your service

Your service employees cannot be available around the clock on every channel. That's why there are intelligent bots that support you in your daily work. Contact us for more information on integrations and automation with AI bots.

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