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Create chatbots intuitively in the BOTfriends X platform and integrate them into your desired system such as Twilio.

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Chatbot integration Twilio

One chatbot platform - countless use cases

Expand your communication capabilities by integrating BOTfriends X with Twilio. This connection allows you to develop customized phonebots and chatbots that can be seamlessly integrated into your Twilio system. These bots provide automated support for customer interactions via SMS, voice calls and other communication channels that Twilio offers. By integrating with Twilio, you can increase the efficiency of your customer communications, ensure quick responses to inquiries and provide more comprehensive customer support. Use BOTfriends X in combination with Twilio to create a flexible and effective communication solution.

Support via chat channels

Use a chatbot integrated in Twilio to offer customers a quick and convenient way to obtain information. The chatbot responds to customer inquiries via SMS, for example, and immediately provides relevant information on products or services. Whether opening hours, product features or availability - the chatbot enables direct and efficient communication for optimal customer advice.

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Phonebot for telephone inquiries

A phonebot connected to Twilio allows customers to request different information over the phone without the need for customer service staff. The phonebot offers automated voice guidance and provides precise information about the order process, for example, to ensure a smooth customer experience.

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Why you should automate your customer service with BOTfriends X & Twilio

The integration of Twilio into the conversational AI platform BOTfriends X offers numerous advantages for companies that want to automate their customer communication with chatbots:

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Diverse communication

By integrating the chatbot into Trello, communication with customers becomes more diverse. SMS and telephone channels offer customers various options for getting in touch with the company, which increases accessibility and customer satisfaction.

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Cost efficiency

Integrations via Twilio can help reduce support costs. By automating tasks and reducing the workload of the support team, companies can use resources more efficiently while improving the quality of customer service.

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Real-time interaction

Twilio-based chatbots enable real-time interaction with customers. This enables companies to answer queries immediately and ensure a fast response time, resulting in an improved service experience.

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24/7 availability

Chatbots and phonebots are available around the clock, unlike most customer service staff. This means that your company can also be reached outside of regular business hours, ensuring constant support for your customers.

BOTfriends Integration Twilio

Integrate applications and automate your service

Your service employees cannot be available around the clock on every channel. That's why there are intelligent bots that support you in your daily work. Contact us for more information on integrations and automation with AI bots.

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