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Create chatbots intuitively in the BOTfriends X platform and integrate them into your desired system such as Zendesk.

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Chatbot Zendesk integration

One chatbot platform - countless use cases

Improve your customer support and service workflow by integrating BOTfriends X with Zendesk. This combination allows you to develop customized chatbots that can be seamlessly integrated into your Zendesk support system. These bots provide automated support for ticket handling, customer inquiries and helpdesk management. With integration into Zendesk, you can reduce support request processing times, increase customer satisfaction and ensure a more efficient support workflow. Use BOTfriends X in combination with Zendesk to provide state-of-the-art, automated customer service.

BOTfriends Zendesk account details

Change billing address

A chatbot embedded in Zendesk allows customers to easily update their account details. They can use this chatbot to directly enter commands to modify account details such as billing addresses, payment options or other important data. The chatbot guides customers safely through this process, avoiding additional tasks for customer service.

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Return of a defective item

By integrating a chatbot with Zendesk, you can relieve your customer service staff by having the chatbot automatically guide customers through the returns process. Customers can use the chatbot to initiate returns, such as for defective items, enter the necessary information and then receive clear instructions for a hassle-free return shipment.

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BOTfriends Zendesk Returns
BOTfriends Zendesk Knowledge Base

Knowledge base automation via GenAI

A chatbot that is integrated into HubSpot can efficiently access existing knowledge bases and use them to answer customer queries. GenAI helps the chatbot to automatically create accurate and precise answers by extracting the relevant information from the appropriate knowledge base. This enables an effective exchange of knowledge and customers receive quick and precise help.

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Why you should automate your customer interaction and business processes with BOTfriends X & Zendesk

The integration of Zendesk into the conversational AI platform BOTfriends X offers numerous advantages for companies that want to automate their customer service with chatbots:

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Automated data maintenance

The chatbot offers the option of automatic data entry and updating in the CRM system. This function significantly reduces manual processes, which not only increases efficiency but also improves the quality of the data. Sources of error are minimized and information can be updated more quickly and accurately.

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Uninterrupted availability

Chatbots are available 24/7 in over 120 languages, keeping your company accessible even outside normal business hours. This ensures constant support for your customers.

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More efficient customer service

Reduce the burden on your customer service teams and increase their efficiency by using chatbots to automatically answer common questions, resolve simple issues and direct customers to the appropriate support staff.

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Extended customer information

The chatbot collects information and customer interactions, which leads to important insights into customer wishes, frequently asked questions and behavior patterns. This information is essential for providing customized services and continuously improving marketing approaches.

BOTfriends Zendesk Integration

Integrate applications and automate your service

Your service employees cannot be available around the clock on every channel. That's why there are intelligent bots that support you in your daily work. Contact us for more information on integrations and automation with AI bots.

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