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how chatbots can drive innovation in your business

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how to solve problems with the help of conversations


how to create user-friendly Conversational Maps

The seminar content


Intro to Chatbots: Understand what chatbots are and learn more about the Conversational Journey

Chatbot examples: Discover the different applications of chatbots

Use-Cases: Make sure that your chatbot offers added value

  • Brainstorming
  • Classify results
  • Why-How Model
  • Problem definition and target definition

Personas: Definition of the target group

Channels: Selection of a suitable chatbot platform

Conversational Map: Visualize your conversations

Character and tonality: Create a unique chatbot that fits your brand

Conversational Design Rules: Ensure a Great User Experience


  • Interest in digital innovation
  • Want to gather expertise in chatbot design and user experience
  • No previous knowledge required

Current dates

Tuesday, 18.02.2020

Thursday, 02.04.2020

Seminar times

Start: 10:00 a.m.
End: 17:00 p.m.



per person / plus VAT

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