Learn from our chatbot experts


how to create and manage chatbots in Dialogflow

BOTfriends X Chat

how you work with Intents & Entities


how to develop your own prototype

The seminar content


Intents: Building a knowledge base

Channels: Integration on different platforms

Training: Building understanding of the behavior of a chatbot

Machine Learning - Settings: Chatbot Configuration

Multi-Language: Create conversations independent of languages

Entities: Process Information to Natural Language

Prompts: Request missing information

Follow Up Intents & Context: Maintain conversation flow

Fulfillment: embedding an individual code

Prebuilts: Using pre-trained models

Analytics: Monitoring Chatbot Performance

Agent Export & Versions: Data storage in different phases

Roles & Rights: access control


  • Interest in building chatbots
  • Want to gather expertise for the management of chatbots
  • No previous knowledge required

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On request

Seminar times

Start: 10:00 a.m.
End: 17:00 p.m.



per person / plus VAT

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