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Create your individual "GPT": Connect data sources, import documents or add your website to create smart bots in just a few minutes.

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Self-learning bot based on your content

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Simple setup without programming knowledge

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Ready for use in just a few minutes

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Smart bots - with your expertise

Import your company's own know-how into the BOTfriends X platform with just one click. The bot learns independently based on your content and is ready for use in just a few moments.

Train chatbot with your content

Full control thanks to data management

After the setup and automated training of your bot, further granular adjustments can be made in the platform's data management.

A proven RAG approach significantly reduces the risk of bot hallucinations fully automatically.

Thanks to tagging, large knowledge base databases can be divided into categories. This means you always have an overview.

Gain control over chatbot responses
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GoLive & System Integration

Thanks to the knowledge base, simple chatbots in particular, which are designed to answer frequently asked questions conscientiously, are ready for use in no time at all. The range of functions can be expanded easily and simply by integrating it into the systems and tools you use.

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Features that make the difference

Other providers

Limitation to a few data records

No web crawling

No fine-tuning of the content

Only one Generative AI model

No context awareness

Not GDPR-compliant depending on GenAI


No limit to the number of data records

Smart web crawler for web content

Granular fine-tuning of content

Free choice between different models

Context awareness for smarter answers

100% GDPR-compliant

"We can answer hundreds of customer inquiries automatically without any additional staff. This eliminates the need to hire and train additional staff. It has become so easy that time and resources can be saved to an unprecedented extent."

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The powerful Conversational AI platform -Supported by Generative AI

Create chatbots in just a few minutes that respond just as intelligently and nuanced as a human.

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Generative AI

Choose different Generative AI models such as Azure OpenAI and Google Gemini for your bots.

URL crawler

The integrated URL crawler also imports subpages and automatically updates existing URLs.

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Automatic translation

Your knowledge base content is automatically translated into the language required by the user.

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Unlimited knowledge bases

We do not limit the functional scope of your bot. Import as much content as you like.

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Context Awareness

The built-in context awareness recognizes the meaning of queries and adapts the answers accordingly.

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No Code

Create and manage chatbots with little effort, even without development knowledge.

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