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All Voice & Chatbots on one platform - scalable, flexible and maximum compatibility.

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Chatbot Platform

Use Conversational AI throughout the company

BOTfriends X Conversational AI

Manage Conversational AI in your company with just a single platform.

BOTfriends X Technology

Choose proven technologies for your flexible agents and maintain control.

BOTfriends X Chat

Design and manage dialogues with your users via an intuitive user interface.

BOTfriends X

BOTfriends X Conversational Middleware Platform
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Administration Interface


BOTfriends X Administration
  • Intent Management

Easily create conversational content and customize it to your customers' needs. Work simultaneously in the development environment of the NLP and the Intent Management interface with direct synchronization.

  • Analytics and Training

Gain insight into important data and optimize your agents.

  • Human Handover

Take over individual conversations and communicate with your customers personally. Decide yourself whether it makes sense to intervene or simply get a notification if customers are dissatisfied.

  • Prebuilts

Choose from various use cases to set up a complete system in no time.

Easily create a new chatbot

With BOTfriends X not only existing assistants can be managed and improved. The platform also allows you to build new chatbots and language assistants quickly and easily via an understandable user interface. You don't even have to know how to program.

Reach your customers on their favorite web channels, social media, and messaging services.

BOTfriends X Chatbot Channels

Exchange and integrate the best technologies as you wish:

BOTfriends X NLP

NLP Engines

Use the natural language processing service which suits to your project best. If you are no longer satisfied, you can simply replace it whenever you want.

BOTfriends X third party tools

Third Party Tools

Expand your system with custom functions: For example, it is possible to chat base for analysis data, Google Vision for image recognition or Google Translate for translations.

Keep your infrastructure and complete business processes with what you need:

BOTfriends X enterprise software

System Integrations

Connect your agents with enterprise software such as SAP, Salesforce, or other cloud services to complement business processes.



Interfaces and toolkits are offering you the possibility to expand your systems flexibly and to adapt them to different needs.

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