HR chatbots for recruiting, personnel management and internal communication

Artificial intelligence in HR should be part of the standard equipment of a future-proof HR department.

  • Effective relief for your personnel department
  • Intuitive platform to manage your chatbots
  • Integration of your tools such as Microsoft Teams or SAP
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AI chatbots in HR: More time for strategic tasks thanks to automated processes and faster communication.

Using conversational AI in HR can optimize HR processes, increase employee satisfaction, and reduce costs. Chatbots provide personalized answers to frequently asked questions and trigger processes - without having to wait for an available HR employee. This is how HR management 2.0 works.

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The 3 biggest mistakes when planning Conversational AI projects and how to make your chatbots successful

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How HR chatbot "Robert" supports more than 18,000 KAGes employees with their concerns

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BOTfriends X is the all-in-one platform for running your chatbots. Artificial Intelligence united on an intuitive, perfomant and flexible low-code platform. We make Conversational AI accessible.


Shorten the training period for your employees with AI chatbots. Questions about working hours, vacation planning, benefits or company policies can be answered around the clock by virtual assistants. This can shorten the training period for your new employees.

Simplify onboarding
The bot assists with onboarding tasks.
The bot supports you in recruiting.


Numerous processes can be automated in the recruiting phase. No matter whether location advantages, current job offers or already first interviews, which are conducted with the chatbot and forwarded to the HR team: The virtual assistants fully support your HR department.

Automate recruiting processes

Internal communication

Numerous recurring topics such as questions about parental leave, travel expenses or planned company events can be answered ideally with chatbots. This gives your HR team time to deal with the really important and sensitive inquiries.

Simplify internal communication
The bot can facilitate internal communication.
The bot collects feedback from your employees.

Employee feedback

Use chatbots to proactively collect employee feedback or conduct targeted surveys. Your HR team can analyze your employees' responses to identify needs and optimize HR processes.

Obtain direct feedback

Human Resources Development

Support the development of your employees with interactive virtual assistants. For example, the chatbot can provide individual training recommendations or present support programs. By analyzing the questions, you can also identify trends and needs.

Simplify internal communication
The bot supports your staff.

Features that make the difference

Be available 24/7

By using a chatbot, you can also be reached by employees and applicants with questions outside of business hours.

Strengthen employer brand

Set yourself apart from competitors by using a modern communication solution and increase the positive perception of your brand.


Your chatbot doesn't need to take language courses to deliver professional answers in a variety of languages. Provide excellent support to foreign-language employees as well.

No Code

With BOTfriends X, even non-developers can build and operate chatbots without much effort and prior knowledge.

AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning and clustering help you improve your chatbot and adapt it to employee needs.

Ready Templates

Use our templates to save time. Developed by our experts with over 5 years of Conversational AI experience.

"What I really appreciate about working with BOTfriends is that when you bring in ideas, you're not immediately told 'that's not possible' or 'that's not our area.' For us, they didn't serve up a standard concept, but rather put together the ideal package based on our goals and ideas."

Franz Kokoth from KAGes

Ing. Franz Kokoth, MSc
Team Leader Personnel Systems and Accounting and Head of SAP-CCoE,
Steiermärkische Krankenanstalten GmbH (KAGes)

Who are the BOTfriends?

BOTfriends designs and develops successful chat and voicebots for a wide range of customers. Years of experience meet individual consulting and an intuitive platform that greatly simplifies the creation and maintenance of bots.

BOTfriends Consulting for the use of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots


Connect BOTfriends X freely with numerous integrations, services and third-party tools.
This automates processes and gives you more time for the things that really matter.

Integrate systems with chatbots

Your strategy conversation with AI experts

What is the current status of my application? Where can I find the application for reduced working hours? How do I apply for leave? Your HR employees often answer the same repetitive questions on a daily basis. Chatbots, supported by AI, can process these requests automatically and thus relieve your HR department.

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  • Concrete AI recommendations for action for your HR department
  • Information about required internal resources & costs
  • Non-binding & Competent
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Teams

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