Automation in Customer Service. For an outstanding customer experience.

Virtual assistants answer standard queries automatically. This guarantees the service team relief and focus on complex concerns.

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Online Dein virtueller Assistent funktioniert nicht. Was kann ich jetzt tun? Die Bezahlung mit meiner Kreditkarte User Paypal Lastschrift SEPA Sofortüberweisung möglichkeiten an. Kreditkarte noch weitere Zahlungs- Kein Problem! Wir bieten neben der   Dein virtueller Assistent
Online Your Virtual Assistant I would like to upgrade my room User No problem. I can currently offer you the following upgrade options: Your Virtual Assistant Premium Suite Superior Suite I would like to book the Premium Suite. User You have chosen the Premium Suite. The surcharge of 49,- Euro per night will be automatically debited from your credit card. Do you want to book the room upgrade? Your Virtual Assistant Yes No Yes User Congratulations, the upgrade was successful! You can get more   information at the reception desk   during check-in. Your Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants in customer service: offering first-class service automatically

In today's world, where customers have high expectations of customer service, virtual assistants are increasingly being used as an effective solution to provide them with excellent service. Thanks to the support of voice and chatbots, companies can optimize their processes and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

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How Herolé is improving the quality and accessibility of its customer service with AI chatbot Hermine.

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Learn more about customer service bots and their use in different industries.

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Our team supports you with your individual use case - from development to go-live.

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With our conversational AI platform BOTfriends X, customer queries can be answered quickly and effectively within the shortest possible time.

The bot answers frequently asked questions automatically.

Answer standard queries automatically

80% of your queries can be answered by a well-designed chatbot. This allows your team to focus on more complex concerns.

Relieve employees

As simple and intuitive as a conversation

In addition to FAQ, our AI assistants can also take on more complex tasks or processes: changing personal data, rebooking, or triggering orders. Bots guide through processes and simultaneously maintain the necessary information in systems.

Answer repetitive questions automatically
The bot can perform tasks such as meter reading.
Hello, how can I help you? Chatbot Bonjour, Comment puis-je vous aider ? Chatbot Bonjour, comment puis-je vous aider? Chatbot Salve, come posso aiutarla? Chatbot Merhaba, size nasıl yardımcı olabilirim? Chatbot Hola, ¿en qué puedo ayudarle? Chatbot Hallo, wie kann ich dir helfen? Chatbot Hello, how can I help you? Chatbot Hello, how can I help you? Chatbot Hallo, wie kann ich dir helfen? Chatbot Hola, ¿en qué puedo ayudarle? Chatbot

Use multilingual bots

Your users speak different languages? With BOTfriends you can create and train your virtual assistants in different languages.

Provide support in all language

Omnichannel customer service made easy

Chatbots can be used in different channels at the same time. And if a customer switches from the website to a messenger channel, the chatbot can simply pick up the conversation again.

Enable cross-channel consulting

Features that make the difference

Be available 24/7

By using a chatbot, you can also be reached by employees and applicants with questions outside of business hours.

Strengthen employer brand

Set yourself apart from competitors by using a modern communication solution and increase the positive perception of your brand.

Human Handover

If chatbots do not have an answer, users can be forwarded to real employees.

No Code

With BOTfriends X, even non-developers can build and operate chatbots without much effort and prior knowledge.

AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning and clustering help you improve your chatbot and adapt it to customer needs.

Ready Templates

Use our templates to save time. Developed by our experts with over 5 years of Conversational AI experience.

"The decision to use BOTfriends is not made solely because the platform offers all the possibilities to create great voice and chatbots in a short time. People also choose because of the professional and innovative team behind the platform."

Herole Managing Director Carsten Herold

Carsten Herold
Owner and Managing Director

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Who are the BOTfriends?

BOTfriends designs and develops successful chat and voicebots for a wide range of customers. Years of experience meets individual consulting and an intuitive Conversational AI platform that greatly simplifies the creation and maintenance of bots for you. We are your professional implementation partner.

BOTfriends Consulting for the use of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots


Connect BOTfriends X freely with numerous integrations, services and third-party tools.
This automates processes and gives you more time for the things that really matter.

Integrate systems with chatbots

Your strategy conversation with AI experts

Whether as a special product advisor or general contact person for frequently asked questions. An AI chatbot in customer service can relieve your company and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

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  • Concrete AI recommendations for action for your HR department
  • Information about required internal resources & costs
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