Chatbot for Events

Our Event Chatbot answers various questions about your event on numerous channels. Thus you deliver your visitors platform-independently targeted information.

You solve the challenge that information about your event via apps or websites is often hard to find. Visitors receive targeted answers to their questions on numerous channels.

Deliver targeted Information about your Event

Events Website Whatsapp Messenger
  • Targeted event information and offers
  • 24/7 availability
  • Show progressiveness
  • Extend your reach
  • Accessible on numerous channels
  • Receive data from visitors

Our ready-made scenarios form the basis for your event chatbot.

degree of standardization 90%

We have numerous ready-made scenarios or questions and answers that arise around your events. The data for your event can come from our own database or be flexibly entered via our Event Builder.

With our pre-trained chatbots, you get an all-in-one solution that you can quickly deploy and expand according to your needs. Because we have access to a pre-trained knowledge base, we not only stand for fast time-to-value but also for enormously high quality.

Standardized scenarios



Channels for chatbots


Icon Database

Your visitors can reach the chatbot on numerous channels such as WhatsApp, SMS and Facebook. Your chatbot can also be included on your website.

  • Already more than 250 ready-made scenarios
  • More than 10,000 successfully answered user queries
  • Creation and customization with Event Builder

Your added value as an organizer

BOTfriends X Conversational AI

Increase range

Visitors can reach your event chatbot on numerous channels such as WhatsApp, SMS and Facebook, which greatly increases the reach of the event. Additionally Messenger-Marketing is made possible and you can advertise your event.


Platform Independence

Usually, information about an event is only made available on your own website or an app. With the Event Chatbot you can serve the communication channels that your users use constantly anyway.


search for information

Websites or apps for events are often confusing and it is difficult to find the information you need quickly. The Event Chatbot provides users with very fast, targeted and personalized information.


Data of Visitors

By using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as a channel and the targeted questions of users, you get valuable data and information, such as contact data, needs and wishes, about your visitors.

Chatbot Event Builder

The Event Builder

Do you have many different events on offer?

Our Event Builder offers you the possibility to adapt and maintain the information about the individual events. For this you can fall back on our numerous ready-made scenarios, which appear again and again at events.

In addition, you can flexibly decide which questions the chatbot answers and what the corresponding answers look like. If you need more scenarios you can simply add them.

  • Using Prefabricated Scenarios
  • Expand conversation flexibly
  • Continuous training of the chatbot through analysis
  • More than 100 different languages
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Event Builder Training

The proven architecture of our chatbots

BOTfriends Architecture

Through our many years of experience in the individual development of chatbots for enterprise customers, we rely on a proven and flexible architecture.

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