Chatbot for Internal Communication

Today, internal communication plays an important role in a company. This begins with the onboarding of new employees. The chatbot serves as an additional information channel for all employees. It can automatically show the corporate structure and culture via dialogue, as well as process most of the questions independently.

The automated helper for internal communication

  • Rapid exchange of information
  • Conservation of internal resources
  • No unpleasant questions
  • Permanent availability
  • Availability of different languages
  • Improvement of the working climate
Chatbot Benefits

Examples of application areas



Integration into the team is one of the most important things for a new employee. This includes answering the new employee's questions about the culture and structure of the company. In the process, the same questions always arise, which the chatbot can answer independently.

Internal HR Processes

Internal HR

In Personnel Management, there are still many areas that are processed manually. In order to save costs and time in these processes, a chatbot can simplify various supporting tasks.

Intranet & Company Assistant


Much information is obtained from internal company intranets. The intranet usually serves as a search engine for questions about the company. A chatbot can shorten the search time by dialogue and give suitable answers to the questions.

Our ready-made scenarios form the basis for your chatbot

degree of standardization 48%

With our pre-trained chatbots, you get an all-in-one solution that you can quickly deploy and expand according to your needs. Because we have access to a pre-trained knowledge base, we not only stand for fast time-to-value but also for enormously high quality. We also support you with the individual extension of your solution.

Standardized scenarios



Channels for chatbots


Intranet CRM SAP

We offer ready-made scenarios, numerous channels and integration possibilities into other systems. Through our many years of experience in the individual development of chatbots for enterprise customers, we rely on a proven architecture.

  • More than 400 ready-made scenarios already available
  • More than 20,000 successfully answered user queries
  • Additional integrations possible


Making first contact with new employees a real experience

Our standardised chatbot for internal communication answers the most frequently asked questions about the company's culture, structure and processes around the clock. New employees with numerous questions at the start of their work do not have to take up the resources of a colleague. In addition, long-standing employees keep up to date with news about the company.

  • More than 100 different languages.
  • Integration into SAP and other systems.
  • Constant training of the chatbot by analysis of the conversations.

The added value for your company



Simple and recurring questions are nothing special for a new employee. Even long-standing employees still have questions on certain topics. A chatbot does not judge the question asked and has the appropriate answer ready.


Reduce response times

Getting the right answer to a question is not easy. Sometimes the colleague has no time or is referred to another colleague. A chatbot can drastically reduce the waiting time for an answer.


Go with the progress

By using a chatbot, you can tell your employees that you have not overslept technological progress and that you are innovative. An important point on many Pro-Contra lists.



It is possible to equip the chatbot with several languages. This allows overseas sites to use the same bot and stay up to date.

The proven architecture of our chatbots

BOTfriends Architecture

Through our many years of experience in the individual development of chatbots for enterprise customers, we rely on a proven and flexible architecture.

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