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Chatbot for the personnelprocurement

E-Recruiting is more important than ever in today's recruitment business. Fewer and fewer specialists and greater demands on companies make the search for suitable personnel a Herculean task. We can help with that! With an intelligent chatbot, the company not only gains status, but also becomes more efficient.

Get automation in the recruiting process

Chatbots in HR
  • Find current job offers
  • Information about the company
  • 24/7 availability
  • Immediate reply
  • Reduce costs and save resources
  • Relieve team
  • Candidate Screening
  • Find talents

Our ready-made scenarios form the basis for your chatbot

degree of standardization 49%

With our pre-trained chatbots, you get an all-in-one solution that you can quickly deploy and expand according to your needs. Since we have access to a pre-trained knowledge base, we not only stand for a fast time-to-value but also for an enormously high quality. We also support you in the individual expansion of your solution, so that your company can best place itself with potential applicants.

Standardized scenarios



Channels for chatbots


Applicant Management Software Graphics

We offer ready-made scenarios, numerous channels and integration options with other systems. Through our many years of experience in the individual development of chatbots for enterprise customers, we rely on a proven architecture.

  • More than 400 ready-made scenarios already available
  • More than 20,000 successfully answered user queries
  • Chat with a real employee via handover tool

Customers who love our Recruiting Chatbot

We were able to double our engagement on Facebook through the recruiting chatbot of BOTfriends and our employees could finally concentrate on the really individual questions again.

Dr. Steffen Wütz - HR Innovation Manager at Porsche

The Porsche Chatbot brought high demands with it, but nevertheless an individual solution was found. The employees were thus freed from trivial activities and can now devote themselves to other tasks. Automation in e-recruiting should be important to any progressive company.

The added value for your HR department


Smooth contact

The inhibition threshold for the contact drops dramatically if the first contact runs over a chatbot. Because questions without having to think about it, as the interviewer judges, make it easier for many to establish the first contact.


Reduce response times

Recruitment chatbots significantly shorten response times. Thus the applicant gets answers much faster and is much more motivated to apply.


Go with the progress

By using a chatbot, you can convey to applicants that you have not overslept technological progress and that you are innovative. An important point on many Pro-Contra lists.

BOTfriends X Technology

Increase cost efficiency

The simple and recurring tasks, such as answering applicant questions, are often a big cost in the company. A chatbot can reduce them to a small part.

Screenshot Human Handover Tool

Transfer conversation to employee

  • Explicit question about a human being
  • No matching chatbot response
  • Complex enquiries
  • Emotional state of the user (sentiment)

The chatbot is constantly trained further

  • Prioritization of all user requests that the chatbot does not yet understand
  • Suggestions for further contents
  • No chatbot in use yet?
  • No problem, because you can also start at 0!

Added value of Chatbot in HR

Making first contact with talents a real experience

Our standardised recruiting chatbot answers the most frequently asked questions around the clock, forwards them to job advertisements and job portals and helps potential applicants to select suitable job offers. You can also use our HR chat service to obtain valuable contact information and information about interested applicants and integrate it into your e-recruiting. This makes personnel development more targeted and increases the efficiency of your human resources department.

  • We analyze the emotional state of potential employees.
  • More than 100 different languages.
  • Integration into SAP and other systems
  • If necessary, an employee can intervene in a conversation.
  • Constant training of the chatbot by analysis of the conversations.

The proven architecture of our chatbots

BOTfriends Architecture

Through our many years of experience in the individual development of chatbots for enterprise customers, we rely on a proven and flexible architecture.

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