Data protection & GDPR

As a German Conversational AI company, the sensitive handling of data in accordance with the DSGVO is part of our DNA. Take a look behind the scenes and learn in detail how the BOTfriends X platform works with sensitive data.

BOTfriends DSGVO and data protection

Privacy-compliant AI voice and chatbots for your business.

With the help of the BOTfriends X platform, a high number of conversations are handled monthly via the well-trained AI assistants. In order for this to be possible at all in Germany and the EU, all of our services are subject to the strict requirements of the GDPR.

GDPR compliant

Our Conversational AI platform is ideal for use in Germany and the European Union.

Job processing

In accordance with data protection law, you will receive an order processing agreement (AVV) from us.

Secure login

Secure access to your chatbot data by logging in with Two Factor Authentication.

"Data protection and the secure handling of highly sensitive data is an essential part of our philosophy as a leading voice and chatbot company. I am proud that the BOTfriends X platform is not only intuitive, but also secure and of course DSGVO compliant."

- Daniel Rösch, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

The BOTfriends services are DSGVO compliant

GDPR compliance

The BOTfriends X platform is always developed with the strict requirements of the DSGVO in mind. This way we guarantee the protection and security of your data.

Founded and at home in Germany

No matter if development, support or sales - BOTfriends is founded in Germany and also at home there. Thanks to our server network in the European Union, we guarantee high availability and are secured by strict encryption by third party access.

BOTfriends - Made in Germany
BOTfriends data is transmitted encrypted

Secure encryption

All data and conversations are protected during transmission and at rest using HTTPS and an Extensible Service Proxy (ESP). This ensures security and trust on both sides.

Role-based user access

Define, configure and monitor individual access rights for different user types in the user management settings of the BOTfriends X platform. This gives you full control over who of your employees is allowed to access which area - and who is not.

BOTfriends X Platform User Management
BOTfriends Supplies Privacy Templates

Privacy Notice & Templates

To act transparently and proactively, you can store privacy notices in the chatbot dialog window that are visible to your users. Of course, we provide you with best practices and templates for this.

Automatic deletion routine

In the BOTfriends X platform, you can have a variety of data types (training, human handover, analytics, messages to the bot, and more) automatically deleted after a time interval you define.

Automated data deletion

FAQs on data protection & GDPR

All components and integrations we choose are hosted in the EU in a data protection compliant manner. So your data remains secure in the EU.

Of course, we support you in the complete implementation process of your chatbot. For this purpose, we offer templates for your privacy policy as well as numerous best practices from our several years of experience.

To enable you to implement the technology in your company in compliance with data protection regulations, we will of course provide you with a data processing agreement and a contractual assurance.

In the interface of the BOTfriends X platform you have the possibility to configure an automated deletion granularly according to the type of data and a desired time interval. For more information, please refer to our documentation.

All data submitted to the platform, as well as all your customer data, are your property. In addition, data that you submit to the platform will not be used to improve the BOTfriends X platform, but will only belong to you. You are and remain the sole owner of your data.

Should the contractual relationship between you and BOTfriends come to an end, you will remain the sole owner of your data. They will be returned to you after the end of a collaboration and will be deleted afterwards.

No, BOTfriends has no insight into the customer:s data. In case of a support case, the administrator can give BOTfriends temporary rights to solve the case.

The BOTfriends X platform has a client:internal separation, which keeps the data logically separated from each other. Each client is assigned an organization, which allows defining access rights and roles in the settings.

All data is protected in transit using HTTPS and via an Extensible Service Proxy (ESP). At rest, data is encrypted using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, and each encryption key is itself encrypted with a regularly rotating set of master keys.

To ensure that the BOTfriends X platform grows with your requirements thanks to Auto Scaling, is performant and remains available only as a cloud solution. This also ensures maximum security and no further administrative overhead for you.

The webhook, on which own systems are connected, can of course be hosted on premise.

All data is handled anonymously and pseudonymously in the platform.

Using Single Sign on via Microsoft or Google, we provide a secure login with an option for 2FA (two-factor authentication). We also have strict password requirements.

The knowledge base of your chatbot projects is backed up daily and can be restored at any time. Historical backups are deleted automatically.

Yes. In the BOTfriends X platform, you can quickly and easily define at user level which data and functions your employees are allowed to access. You can find more information about this in our documentation.

Yes, penetration tests of our AI chatbot platform can be performed upon request. Contact your personal BOTfriends contact person for this.

Basically, BOTfriends offers you dedicated support by phone or email. In addition, we offer various service level agreements that guarantee recovery in case of failure depending on the level.

Yes, as a customer of the platform you will receive an architecture diagram from us that visualizes the data flows.

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