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What are chatbots?

Chatbots are technology powered by artificial intelligence that you can interact with via chat interface such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, or WeChat.

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„The event chatbot of BOTfriends was a true enrichment for the Vol. 3. All participants could retrieve information within seconds. Therefore organsiation went smoothly. The application of a chatbot gave me the chance to host an event with innovative technologies. The team also reacted in short notice for special request and overall intrigued with great ideas.“

Felix Beilharz - “One of the leading consultants for online and social media marketing" (RTL)

Why will chatbots play a big role in the future?

✓ 20 years ago: Websites → 10 years ago: Apps → Now: Chatbots!

✓ 90 % of our time on smartphones is being spent on email and messaging platforms

✓ Messenger platforms can reach over billions of people

✓ Let chatbots respond to your customers in real time

✓ Give your customers the chance to message your business just the way they would message a friend

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