We create conversations.

Our services in Chatbot Development.

We are combining various technologies to provide an outstanding individual solution for you.
Natural Language Processing

With the help of Artificial Intelligence we are able to understand your users and answer accordingly.

Independent from Platforms

◦ Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik, WeChat
◦ Slack, Skype, Teams
◦ Websites, Apps

Conversational Design

Through Design Thinking Workshops we make sure to give your chatbot a unique personality with tonality and character matching your brand and target group. Years of experience empower us to create an exceptional UX.

Automated Training

We have developed a technology automatically building up knowledge bases enabling chatbot development at a fast pace.

Machine Learning

To even improve your service we are able to integrate great ML technologies:
◦ Image & Barcode Recognition
◦ Voice to Text
◦ Sentiment Analysis
◦ Multilanguage

Integration of APIs

We can connect any of your existing Systems such as CRMs, ERPs and Databases to your chatbot as well as any foreign APIs to add more functionalities.

Human Handovers

Your customer is unsatisfied with the current conversation? Or has a complex request the chatbot cannot handle? We will enable a smooth escalation via E-mail, CRM-ticketing or Human Takeover.

Our Portfolio.

Chatbots we have developed.
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Successful Results of the Porsche Chatbot.

Winner HR Excellence Award in HR Tech & Data 🏆

The Jobs & Career Chatbot on Facebook Messenger is instantly answering questions regarding vacancies, internships and career events at Porsche 👩🏻‍💻.
To ensure a great service we are enabling Human Handovers to keep the users happy when conversations escalate 😊.
To reach more potential applicants we have integrated multiple languages to be able to talk to everyone regardless of language and origin 🇩🇪 🇮🇪 🇫🇷 🇵🇱.

  • Increased Engagement

    Over 100 %

  • Reduced Workload

    Over 25 %

  • Response Rate

    100 %

Awards & Cooperations

We design and develop great chatbots.

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The Founders of BOTfriends.

Tobias Gansler
Tobias Gansler
Chief Technology Officer
Daniel Rösch
Daniel Rösch
CEO Products
Kevin Dees
Kevin Dees
CEO Customer Success
Michelle Skodowski
Michelle Skodowski
Chief Operating Officer & User Experience

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Our Chatbot Trainings.

Training: Conversational Design

For everyone who is interested in digital innovations and who wants to become an expert in chatbot user experience. No pre knowledge required!
  • Intro to Chatbots
  • Chatbot Examples
  • Find your use case
  • Personas
  • Channels
  • Character & Tonality
  • Conversational Map
  • Conversational Design Rules

Training: Dialogflow For Users

For everyone who wants to start building chatbots and learn how to manage them. No pre knowledge required!
  • Intro to chatbots
  • Intents - How to set up a knowledge base
  • Channels – Integrate on different platforms
  • Training – How to make your chatbot understand better
  • ML settings – Chatbot configuration
  • Multi language – Conversations regardless of language
  • Entities – Extract information in natural language
  • Prompts – Ask for missing information
  • Follow up intents & context – Keep the state of your conversation
  • & much more

Training: Chatbot Architecture For Developers

For everyone who is interested in chatbot architecture and development. Preknowledge in coding is recommended since our code examples are in node.js.
  • Dialogflow advanced concepts
  • Dialogflow SDKs & APIs
  • Chatbot architectures
  • Integration of Google ML APIs
  • Multi language concepts
  • Cross division/ multi company chatbot
  • Integration of external systems (CRM, ERP, ...)
  • Human handovers
  • Usage of other cloud services
  • BOTfriends tools (Clustering, Parser)

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