Is there potential for a chatbot in your company?

We love to design communication efficiently and create customer loyalty through satisfaction. We're happy when your customers are happy.

Your company should introduce chatbots if:

  • you receive many repetitive customer inquiries
  • there are long waiting times for customers
  • processes can be mapped in decision trees
  • You finally want to understand what your customers want to know
  • You want to build personal relationships with your customers

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Chatbots are likely to leverage customersatisfaction

Chatbots increase customer loyalty.satisfaction


companies are expected to invest more in bots than in traditional mobile apps by 2021


in salaries could be potentially saved by bots


of customer interactions can be resolved with a well-designed bot

Our service

We combine different technologies and methods to develop outstanding individual chatbot solutions.

natural language processing

Natural language processing

With the help of artificial intelligence, we are able to understand users and provide appropriate answers.

BOTfriends X Conversational AI

Omnichannel Experience

◦ WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik, WeChat
◦ Slack, Skype, Teams
◦ Websites, Apps etc.


Conversational Design & UX

Through design thinking workshops, we ensure that chatbots are given a unique personality with tonality and character.


Human Handovers

Thanks to our human handover tool, conversations can easily be handed over to employees. Interventions are possible at any time.

BOTfriends X Technology

Scalable architecture

In the backend, we combine the most important technologies such as NLP service, analytic tools and connectors with each other in order to provide maximum flexibility.


Integration of external systems

We can connect existing systems with the chatbot and other developer interfaces to create additional functionality.


machine learning

We can integrate different machine learning technologies. For instance: Image & Barcode Recognition, Voice-to-Text and sentiment analysis

BOTfriends X Chat


Conducting conversations with customers, regardless of language and current location. Multi-Languages for more personalization in the user experience.

Successful results

The Job & Career Chatbot on Facebook Messenger immediately answers questions about vacancies, internships and career events at Porsche. In case of doubt, individual dialogs can be taken over and assigned to an employee in order to maintain user satisfaction. In order to reach more potential candidates, we have integrated several languages to be able to speak with everyone, regardless of language and origin.


Our Seminars

Conversational Design

€495per person and day
  • Chatbots as a digital innovation
  • Learn the Conversational Rules
  • Understand the relevance of personas and tonalities

Dialogflow for users

€495per person and day
  • Manage Chatbots in Dialogflow
  • Working with Entities and Intents
  • Create your own prototype

Chatbot architecture for developers

  • Chatbot development with Dialogflow
  • Chatbot Architecture
  • Integration of external systems
  • BOTfriends Tools

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