AI chatbots and phonebots for automated customer service that truly understands your customers

Offer your customers first-class support around the clock - supported by Generative AI.
This saves you costs, reduces the workload on your employees and makes your customer service fit for the future.

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The challenge

83% of customers expect customer service to be available immediately

Excellent customer service is more important than a low price. Current studies show: Many customers are willing to pay more for good service.

Long waiting times, overworked employees and insufficient answers to customer questions lead to a migration to competitors.

Thanks to service automation using Conversational AI & Generative AI, these problems can be solved.

The solution

Turn your service into a competitive advantage with Conversational AI

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Up to 80% automated communication

Automate up to 80% of your customer inquiries using Conversational AI and deliver rapid measurable ROI results.

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Save costs & increase efficiency

Handle recurring requests via chatbot. This frees up your employees' time for the really important inquiries. Use AI to effectively reduce your cost per interaction and cost per ticket.

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24/7 availability on all channels

Be present on exactly the service channels your customers expect. Around the clock. In all languages.

BOTfriends Chatbot Platform The Solution
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100 % service coverage
on all channels

Customer service today is no longer linear. Be available to your customers 24/7 on all service channels.

Reduce requests
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⌀ 65 % automation
of service requests

Our AI bots recognize almost all requests - in any language. This ensures a high automation rate.

Solve requests automatically
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30,000 € savings

Even for simple FAQ bots, the annual cost savings thanks to AI are huge. Use our ROI calculator for a deeper analysis.

Calculate chatbot ROI

Chatbots for all industries

The BOTfriends X platform makes artificial intelligence & service automation accessible in numerous companies from a wide range of industries.
Artificial Intelligence & Service Automation accessible. Industry templates ensure fast results.

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Customer service

Automation in Customer Service. For an outstanding customer experience and higher customer satisfaction.

Learn more
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Whether travel advice, the entire booking process or frequently asked questions: smart bots for the tourism industry.

Provide excellent service
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Energy & Public Utilities

Ease the burden on your staff and engage your customers with fast help, integrated processes, and smart answers.

Bots for the energy industry

The powerful Conversational AI platform -
Supported by Generative AI

Create a virtual customer service representative with BOTfriends X who is available 24/7,
speaks all languages and responds with the same intelligence and nuance as a human.

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No Code

Create and train AI bots even without development skills. Our No Code solution makes it possible.

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Human Handover

If a chatbot does not have a suitable answer ready, it can forward your users to your employees via live chat.

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Offer multilingual support. Your bot understands and responds in more than 120 languages.

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Role Management

Work as a team on your bot projects and decide who should have access to what.

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Analytics data can be used to monitor and further optimize the success of your bot projects.

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Your bot grows with

A new API? Another channel? No problem - you can expand and scale your bot setup at any time.

BOTfriends Knowledge Bases Feature

From the knowledge base to the
chatbot in just a few minutes

Import documents or website URLs into our chatbot platform. The chatbot learns on its own based on your data and is ready to use in minutes.

This saves you the time-consuming initial training and manual addition of questions and answers. Generative AI takes this work off your hands!

Create bots at record speed

Create bots more intuitively and
graphically as never before

Forget complex programming languages and hours of training. Create bots interactively with Dialogs simply by dragging and dropping.

Each dialog, response, and integration is like a building block that you can arrange however you like. This allows maximum flexibility and creativity when building your bots.

Create chatbots without code
BOTfriends Dialog
BOTfriends GenAI Nodes

Complex processes at record speed: GenAI Nodes

Until now, creating complex bot processes was time-consuming. With GenAI Nodes, you simply write a task description and define what data the bot should collect.

GenAI technology takes care of the rest. It models the required processes, considers all possible scenarios and even handles complicated edge cases. A process that could previously take days is now completed in a matter of minutes.

Use GenAI Nodes for a variety of applications such as booking appointments, making hotel reservations, or reporting meter readings.

Smart prompting instead of manual modeling


Connect BOTfriends X freely with numerous integrations, services and third-party tools.
This automates processes and gives you more time for the things that really matter.

Integrate systems with chatbots
All BOTfriends services are of course DSGVO compliant

Privacy-compliant AI voice and chatbots for your business

With the help of the BOTfriends X platform, a high number of conversations are handled monthly via the well-trained AI assistants. In order for this to be possible at all in Germany and the EU, all of our services are subject to the strict requirements of the GDPR.

Learn more about data protection & DSGVO
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GDPR compliant

Our Conversational AI platform is ideal for use in Germany and the European Union.

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Job processing

In accordance with data protection law, you will receive an order processing agreement (AVV) from us.

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Secure login

Secure access to your chatbot data by logging in with Two Factor Authentication.

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