Whitepapers & E-Books on Chatbots, Generative AI and Conversational AI

Our carefully crafted whitepapers and e-books provide in-depth insights into the latest developments and best practices in chatbot technology and Generative AI. Discover how AI in customer service not only handles requests faster and more efficiently, but also creates a personalized customer experience.

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Tourism customer service in turbulent times

Master the current customer service challenges of the tourism and hospitality industry.

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The acceptance of chatbots

Do your customers really want to talk to chatbots? Learn about the adoption rate of digital agents.

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Virtual assistants in customer service

Learn how chatbots can be used in customer service in tourism, energy and B2B.

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Chatbots in the Energy Industry

Learn how ESWE, enviaM and Süwag use their chatbots and get 7 use cases specifically for the energy industry + a detailed case study.

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Purchasing 4.0: Fit for the future with digitization & automation

Find out how purchasing departments benefit from digitization and automation and which application areas are available.

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Conversational Commerce: Voice and Chatbots in E-Commerce

Learn how voice and chatbots can be used in e-commerce for marketing, sales and customer service. Including a complete customer journey.

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Three reasons why chatbots fail

Identify the 3 biggest mistakes when planning Conversational AI projects and ensure the success of your chat and voicebots.

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Chatbot Operations: What happens after the release

Don't leave the success of your chatbot to chance! Learn how to test, optimize, and train your chatbots before and after release.

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Chatbots in the pharmaceutical and medical industry

Learn where chatbots can be used in the pharma and medical industries and get 11 use cases specific to healthcare.

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Smart negotiation chatbots in purchasing

BOTfriends Whitepaper Smart Negotiation Bots in Purchasing

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Guided Buying - Preventing Maverick Buying with Chatbots

Learn why employees order past purchasing and how to use chatbots to prevent maverick buying.

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