We are BOTfriends and we create conversations.

What we do

Our focus is on the development of chatbots in messenger platforms and voice assistants using artificial intelligence. We are specialized in the development of Proof of Concepts up to highly individual enterprise solutions by NLP, Machine Learning and API integration. Through the long cooperation with corporations we are also specialized in designing scalable chatbot architectures, which we combine in our backend to roll out the technology of chatbots globally to companies. In addition, we place the highest priority on an extraordinary conversational design with an intensive focus on the user experience.


Chatbot Development
Conversational Design
Machine Learning Cloud
Scalable architecture

Our Mission

Our mission "We create conversations" is also our vision. Through the use of chatbots, we want to optimize communication processes globally and, above all, become the contact point in Germany for the development and design of bots.

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Eichhornstraße 28

97070 Würzburg, Germany