We are BOTfriends and we create conversations.

About us

We at BOTfriends are specialized in the development and design of Conversational AI applications like chat- and voicebots. What makes us as a tech-startup from Würzburg different from other specialists in the field of artificial intelligence: We have developed a unique software solution that enables employees in companies to develop and operate chatbots and voice assistants independently, even without programming skills. In this way we want to accelerate the automation of customer communication and significantly advance the use of corresponding applications. BOTfriends was founded in 2017 and employs 18 people besides the four founders team. Our customers include medium-sized companies and well-known companies from the german-speaking regions such as Porsche, Telekom and Innogy as well as international customers from the USA and elsewhere.


Chatbot Development
Conversational Design
Machine Learning Cloud
Scalable architecture

Our Vision & Mission

We live in a world where interaction with companies via AI in natural language is common place. We will be part of every single question answered by Conversational AI in enterprises.  

We set the standard by combining the most established Conversational AI technologies in a single platform. We enable companies to run outstanding chat and voicebot applications and become Conversational AI First for all types of communication.

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