Hello, we are BOTfriends!

We automate communication and processes.

Our Vision & Mission:

We believe in a world where employees can reach their full potential by handing off repetitive communications and processes to AI assistants. In doing so, we aim to be a global leader in automating conversations and processes where departments can create and operate AI assistants themselves.

We achieve this by inspiring and advising companies on their own automation journey. We approach this pragmatically and realistically. We are BOTfriends.

The BOTfriends Journey:

Our Founders:

The team:

Together we are working on the communication of the future. Become part of an innovative and ambitious team - create your own conversations:

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Years of experience

Bootstrapped since the beginning.


We specialize in the development and design of conversational AI applications such as chatbots and voicebots. What distinguishes us as a tech startup from Würzburg from other specialists in the field of artificial intelligence: With our unique software solution, employees in companies can independently develop and, above all, operate chatbots and voice assistants even without programming skills. In this way, we accelerate the automation of customer communication and want to significantly advance the use of corresponding applications.

Since 2017, we have been one of the first companies to successfully launch more than 60 Conversational AI applications across more than 20 industries and functions that are proven to solve relevant business problems.

We are an experienced and diverse team with skills in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, software development and conversational AI. Respected as thought leaders with relevant keynotes, talks, blog posts and whitepapers.

We have been awarded titles such as Forbes 30u30, Digital Female Leader, AmCham Female Founder, among others. We are part of numerous programmes and initiatives such as German Accelerator, Google for Startups, WECONOMY and the KI Bundesverband.