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The BOTfriends Chatbot & Voicebot webinars provide you with valuable knowledge and background information. No matter if you want to have complex use cases explained simply or if you are interested in how to start a Conversational AI project: The webinars provide you with compact and well-founded answers.

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Chatbots in customer service in the energy industry

How do you use AI chatbots in a meaningful way in customer service in the energy and utilities industry to relieve employees, automate processes and offer better customer service?

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Virtual Assistants in Procurement

In the webinar, you will learn what is behind the technology of virtual assistants and why they can generate added value in your company.

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Chatbots in e-commerce

In the webinar, you will learn how to advise your customers online without direct personal contact and how to respond to possible questions as quickly as possible.

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Develop your chatbot concept

The chatbot concept is the foundation for the success of your chatbot project. Take your chance and develop your own chatbot concept in the webinar.

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Chatbots and voicebots in the hospital

Digitalization offers clinics and hospitals many opportunities to improve the treatment of patients and make everyday life easier for staff.

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Virtual AI assistants in Procurement

The potential for automating processes and communication in purchasing is enormous. Virtual AI assistants can help save time and resources to create more space for strategic topics. Learn more in the Masterclass.

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Automated negotiation in purchasing

No time for small customers? A negotiation chatbot relieves purchasing and procurement departments and handles negotiations automatically.

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