Shape the future of customer service with Generative AI

Turn your customer service into a competitive advantage with BOTfriends. Our chatbot platform allows you to create customized, Generative AI-powered bots in minutes, based on the same advanced technology that powers ChatGPT.

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BOTfriends Generative AI Customer Service

Boost your service performance

Reduce service spend and maximize customer satisfaction with a purpose-built virtual service agent powered by Conversational and Generative AI:

  • Automated handling of 60 to 80% of customer inquiries across all channels, including phone, chat, and messaging
  • Continuous support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in more than 120 languages
  • Direct ROI increase and service cost reduction
Automate service

From Knowledge Base to Interactive Chatbot - In Minutes

Crawl website content, your knowledge base, or PDFs using our platform and use your content as chatbot training data. With Generative AI, you can turn this content into intelligent chatbots in minutes, which you can integrate into your website or into your systems via API.

Delivering custom-fit answers
BOTfriends Generative AI Chatbots Data Sources
Customize BOTfriends chatbot flexibly

Create a personalized experience

Flexibly adapt the tone of voice and language of the chatbot to your brand's tone of voice via Masterprompt Instruction. Thanks to the numerous design options, the chatbot interface can also be seamlessly adapted to your corporate design.

Flexible configuration

The smart co-pilot for your service agents

Generative AI chatbots take on repetitive requests, streamline service processes, and also improve your customer service response times. This allows your service agents to focus on complex issues. Thanks to the Human Handover Tool, your customers can switch to a human team member at any time.

Relieve employees
BOTfriends Human Handover
BOTfriends Omnichannel Chatbot Phonebot

One bot, all channels: Omnichannel support at its best

Thanks to Generative AI, you benefit from natural, human-like conversation. Once centrally created, the bot adapts effortlessly to a wide variety of communication channels. It doesn't matter whether you prefer a phone interaction via Phonebot/Voicebot, want to integrate a dynamic chatbot on your website or rely on the reach of a Messenger bot - our solution guarantees consistent and convincing performance across all platforms. Connect with your target audience in the smartest way possible!

Excellent service on every channel

Live Chat Integration

If a chatbot does not have a suitable answer ready, it can forward your users to your employees for further advice.

No Code

The BOTfriends X platform allows people without development skills to create and manage chatbots with little effort.

Role Management

Work as a team on your bot and decide who should have access to what.


Provide excellent support in more than 120 languages. Your chatbot doesn't need time-consuming training to deliver multilingual, professional answers.


In our Conversational AI platform, we rely on Large Language Models and Generative AI. This allows you to create powerful bots in just a few moments.

Human-like conversations

Instead of simple answers based on manual training, Generative AI bots deliver human-like conversations based on your chosen data.


Connect BOTfriends X freely with numerous integrations, services and third-party tools.
This automates processes and gives you more time for the things that really matter.

Integrate systems with chatbots

From large corporations to medium-sized companies

Numerous companies rely on BOTfriends for chatbots and voicebots

DSGVO compliant Generative AI Chatbots

Rely on Generative AI chatbots that are fully DSGVO compliant. Our systems guarantee the protection of personal data and meet the strictest data protection standards. Rely on BOTfriends to provide modern communication solutions without compromising on data privacy.

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BOTfriends Generative AI DSGVO

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