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Automate your telephone inquiries with the help of BOTfriends X. Calls from customers can be answered around the clock and your support team is relieved.

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BOTfriends Phonebot Service Challenges

Master service challenges

Improved key performance indicators
Improve critical KPIs such as reachability, first response time and hang-up rate with AI automation and increase management and employee satisfaction.

Counteracting the shortage of skilled workers
In view of rising personnel costs, a shortage of skilled workers and the challenges posed by external call center providers, the use of phonebots offers a quick and direct ROI.

Increase customer satisfaction
Long waiting times are a thing of the past. The bot is available for your customers 24/7 and in all languages.

Revolutionize your call center with an AI phonebot


Increase in first call resolution (FCR)


fewer hangers


Cost advantage



Greater customer satisfaction thanks to reduced waiting times

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Concern recognition & routing

By using Conversational AI, you can increase the precision with which customer concerns are recognized and forwarded. Enhance the customer experience by using voicebot interactions to create a natural conversational atmosphere through the use of open-ended questions and dynamic data collection.

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Automated processing

Service hotline employees are often confronted with repetitive requests. The use of AI makes it possible to automate these routine requests. This allows call center agents to concentrate on processing more demanding requests that cannot be automated.

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Identification & authentication

With our phonebots, the cumbersome process of pressing buttons becomes superfluous. The bot enables seamless and secure identification through natural dialog guidance and smart interface connection. Customers can authenticate themselves in a user-friendly and efficient way in a fluent conversation.

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Human Takeover

Our platform recognizes when a real agent is needed. This initiates a seamless transition from the voicebot to the agent, who has immediate access to the previous interaction between the customer and the bot. This enables the employee to find a suitable solution to the issue efficiently and quickly.

Audio samples

Thanks to a smart combination of state-of-the-art AI voices and the use of Generative AI
you achieve a natural conversation. Let our audio samples convince you.

BOTfriends Phonebot Multilingualism


Provide outstanding support around the clock, 7 days a week, in almost any language. Your Phonebot does not require time-consuming training to provide multilingual, professional answers.

~ 800




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Direct call center integration

Easily create and integrate phonebots to suit any size of business and requirement. Whether you need a simple phonebot or a comprehensive voicebot solution for multiple international use cases.

The platform masters even the challenges of complex call center structures effortlessly thanks to advanced system integrations and the extensive experience of our team. Connection is simple via call number forwarding or SIP integration.

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BOTfriend Phonebot Integration
BOTfriends Phonebot IVR

Goodbye IVR menus

Don't let your callers "press 1" - let them formulate their requests freely. The Voicebot records and understands the caller's content with a high degree of accuracy. If there is a problem with understanding, you have the option of specifying how to proceed in such cases. For example, by forwarding the call directly to one of your service employees.

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Simple setup & training

Thanks to the intuitive drag and drop editor, even complex phonebots can be created in no time at all without any programming knowledge. The comprehensive analytics area also helps you to monitor the performance of your bot and train it further if necessary.

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BOTfriends Phonebot platform

The powerful Conversational AI platform -Supported by Generative AI

Create a virtual customer service representative with BOTfriends X who is available 24/7,
speaks all languages and responds with the same intelligence and nuance as a human.

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Set to Speech Synthesis Markup Language to guarantee high response recognition.

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The bot manages and prioritizes the waiting queue. It also arranges callback appointments.

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Custom Voice

Would you like a very special voice for your bot? It is also possible to import your own voice models.

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GDPR compliant

As a German conversational AI company, the sensitive handling of data in accordance with the GDPR is part of our DNA.

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Analytics data can be used to monitor and further optimize the success of your bot projects.

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No Code

Create and train AI bots even without development skills. Our No Code solution makes it possible.

Phone and chat?

Channel expansion in just a few clicks

You don't have to choose between a phone or chatbot solution in our platform. Additional channels can be added in just a few steps. This means your bot project is scalable and ready for any expansion.

BOTfriends Chatbot extension


Connect BOTfriends X freely with numerous integrations, services and third-party tools.
This automates processes and gives you more time for the things that really matter.

Integrate systems with chatbots

Your strategy conversation with AI experts

Would you like to find out how our innovative phonebots and voicebots can revolutionize your telephone communication? Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Let's achieve your goals together.

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