Conversational AI Platform

BOTfriends X

Build, optimize and scale your chatbots and phonebots on one platform

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BOTfriends Chatbot Platform

Conversational AI Platform

BOTfriends X

Build, optimize and scale your chatbots and voice assistants on one platform

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Easily create voice and chatbots

Intuitive user interface

Build new chatbots and voice assistants quickly and easily without code.

Apply ready to use templates

Build new chatbots and voice assistants quickly and easily without code.

Help your bot learn

Match unknown questions with the right answers in just a few clicks. That's how your bot gets better every day.

Feed your bot with new content

With our Intent Management you can independently add new questions and answers.

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A chatbot is trained with new content

Save time with Machine Learning

BOTfriends X automatically suggests new content for your voice and chatbots

Our platform automatically analyzes incoming inquiries for you, filters out unanswered questions and sorts them into similar topics. This way, you know immediately what your users are most interested in.

Best of all, you can use them immediately as new content for your voice or chatbots. This saves you a lot of work and resources.

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Play it safe with automated tests

Test new features before release

You know the problem when you are not sure if all functions of your bots are running smoothly?

With BOTfriends X you can save as many sample conversations as you like and test them automatically at a desired time interval.

Of course, you can also test all recorded conversations manually, for example before a new release.

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Make data-driven decisions

Computer diagrams measure


BOTfriends X creates automated reports for you, so you know what your users are doing, when, where and how.

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Diagram and magnifier


Analyze how your users engage with your voice or chatbot. Learn what they are interested in and what they are looking for.

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Based on this data, you can then decide how to optimize your voice or chatbot.

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Let man and machine work together

Forward conversations to real employees

With the Human Handover Tool you can forward bot users to real employees. For example, if he does not know the answer or the users ask for it directly.

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Scale Conversational AI across your enterprise

A chatbot has various tasks

Give your bot new tasks

Easily add more use cases to your bot. Or use it on multiple channels at the same time, for example on your website and via WhatsApp.

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Employees work in a team

Work in a team - company-wide

BOTfriends X allows you to work on your voice and chatbots in a team. Via personalized access, your team members only see what is important to them.

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Multiple voice and chatbots

Create more virtual assistants

With BOTfriends X, you can add more voice or chatbots for your business at any time. And manage and maintain them all in one place.

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From large corporations to medium-sized companies

Numerous companies rely on BOTfriends for chatbots and voicebots

Of course, our chatbots and voice assistants are data protection compliant

Data protection seal

Hosting in the EU

All components and integrations we choose are hosted in the EU. So your data stays in the EU.

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The BOTfriends services are DSGVO compliant

GDPR compliant

You conclude a contract for commissioned data processing (ADV/DPA) with us in accordance with the GDPR.

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Uncomplicated integration

If needed, a privacy policy can be displayed in each chat. Our sample template is used for this purpose.

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Connect BOTfriends X freely with numerous integrations, services and third-party tools.
This automates processes and gives you more time for the things that really matter.

Integrate systems with chatbots
BOTfriends Consulting for the use of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Benefit from personal customer service

Our Solutions team supports you from day one - from development to go-live to scaling across the enterprise.

Your strategy conversation with AI experts

Are you curious about how our innovative Conversational AI solutions and chatbots can help revolutionize your customer communications? Then don't hesitate and fill out our contact form so we can get back to you right away. Together, we can achieve your goals and take your business to the next level.

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