Automate procurement processes and make them more efficient

Become a pioneer in the field with the help of AI assistants: Provide the best service to your customers through intelligent and efficient automation of standard requests.

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AI chatbots in purchasing: efficient resource allocation automated communication

Complex concerns in procurement processes can be simplified and thus efficiently solved by virtual AI assistants. Costs can be reduced and communication improved by precisely matching the use case.


Discover the enormous potential for automating processes and communication in purchasing.

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Learn where and how you can automate and design processes in purchasing with chat and voicebots.

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Efficient customer communication for purchasing departments: Use the Conversational AI platform BOTfriends X to automate your customer communication and offer an intelligent service.

Prevent "wild shopping" with Guided Buying

Creating a BANF is not always easy for employees. A chatbot guides you through the ordering process in dialog and helps you if anything is unclear. This way, you can order easily and comfortably and comply with all guidelines without prior knowledge. Purchasing only needs to be involved in exceptional cases.

Prevent Maverick Buying
Chatbots can help prevent maverick buying.
Chatbots can save costs through automated negotiations

Save costs in indirect procurement

Many tail spend offers are not negotiated because the savings do not justify the effort. A negotiation chatbot can do this automatically.

Automated negotiation

Simplify collaboration with suppliers

Onboarding with suppliers

A chatbot helps suppliers with online self-registration and ensures that the necessary documents, certificates and information are stored without gaps.

Communication with suppliers

Answering standard queries such as the payment status of unpaid invoices takes a lot of time - this is where a chatbot can provide support and free up employees for more important tasks.

Talk efficiently with suppliers
Chatbots help with supplier onboarding and supplier communication
Chatbots help keep track of policies

Compliance made easy

Buyers have to observe countless sets of rules and compliance regulations in their work. A chatbot helps you keep track of all the guidelines and take them into account in your work.

Keeping processes in view

Features that make the difference

Provide 24/7 support

Chatbots answer your customers' questions immediately and 24/7, even outside of service hours.

Relieve employees

Rely on scalable AI assistants to handle numerous queries simultaneously.

Human Handover

If chatbots do not have an answer, users can be forwarded to real employees.

No Code

With BOTfriends X, even non-developers can build and operate chatbots without much effort and prior knowledge.

AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning and clustering help to improve your chatbot and adapt it to customer needs.

Ready Templates

Use our templates to save time. Developed by our experts with over 5 years of Conversational AI experience.

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BOTfriends designs and develops successful chat and voicebots for a wide range of customers. Years of experience meets individual consulting and an intuitive Conversational AI platform that greatly simplifies the creation and maintenance of bots for you. We are your professional implementation partner.

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Thousands of purchasing processes occur every day in corporate groups. Most of them can be standardized and automated. Our experts will tell you where bots can come in and be used profitably.

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