Handover by BOTfriends

Handover Tool Functionality

Hybrid approach between human and chatbot.


Your chatbot doesn't know more? With our human handover, conversations can easily be handed over to your own employee. In addition, the chatbot learns from the answers of the employees.

Handing over the conversation to an employee

  • Simple questions can be answered by the chatbot
  • Complex questions can still be answered by a real employee

Screenshot Human Handover Tool

When is a conversation handed over to an employee?

When a person is explicitly asked for or the chatbot does not provide a suitable answer. In addition, depending on the feelings of the user, a conversation can be interfered with.

Which messages are answered first?

  • Users' emotional state (sentiment analysis)
  • Urgency of the request

Chatbot Training

Prioritization of all user requests that the chatbot does not yet understand, as well as suggestions for further content. No chatbot in use yet? No problem, because you can also just start at 0!

Integration into existing chatbot systems

  • Google Dialogflow
  • IBM Watson Assistant
  • Microsoft LUIS
  • Export functionality for further systems
Bot Response Rate 71%
human response rate 29%

You can expect this added value from our solution:


Interaction between human and machine

Conversations in which the chatbot does not know further can be handed over to an employee. However, they can also intervene in any conversation at any time.

BOTfriends X Conversational AI

Implicit automation of requests

With the help of artificial intelligence it is possible to automate recurring requests in an uncomplicated way. The answer will be sent directly from a chatbot and you can finally concentrate on the individual requests.


Important insights about your customers

By analyzing the chat history, you get valuable data and information about your customers. So you can recognize trends and react to them in a targeted way.


Intelligent support for service agents

We support you in answering your customers' questions. Based on the user's intentions, we show you, for example, information that the chatbot has already been able to collect or PDFs that help you to answer.

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