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With AI chatbots, the customer:inside serviceRelieve and improve

How can AI chatbots be used sensibly in customer service in the energy and utilities industry to relieve employees, automate processes and offer better customer service? Learn how AI can help you respond to growing customer demands, what resources are needed to do so, and how digital innovations can help you stand out from the competition.

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  • Kevin Dees
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Chatbot crash course stars

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Chatbot crash course stars

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Customer:ing Service Managers

Is your team inundated with repetitive requests that take up an unnecessary amount of resources? Do your service employees lack the time to deal with the really important issues appropriately? In the webinar, you will learn how a chatbot can support you here.

Relieve employees

Customer Experience Manager:inside

In the energy sector in particular, the products offered by providers are very similar. The consequences are a high fluctuation of customers. If you offer a good customer experience, backed up by excellent round-the-clock support, and provide the right answers, this can reduce churn.

Bind customers

Decision maker:inside

You already know that the use of a chatbot can lead to better customer satisfaction, reduce costs and increase customer loyalty, but you are not sure if you have the necessary resources in your company? This webinar will provide you with the answers and show you important stakeholders and necessary resources.

You will need these resources

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BOTfriends Co-Founder and CSO Kevin Dees goes through the following points in detail for you in the webinar:

  • Challenges of the energy and utility industry in customer service
  • Do chatbots threaten jobs?
  • Practical example: Notification of the meter reading
  • Practical example: Product consulting & support even after hours
  • How do you start an AI chatbot project in the enterprise?
  • What time and financial effort should I expect?
  • What resources do I need to devote to this internally?