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How Herolé is improving the quality and accessibility of its customer service with AI chatbot Hermine.

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"The decision to use BOTfriends is not made solely because the platform offers all the possibilities to create great voice and chatbots in a short time. People also choose because of the professional and innovative team behind the platform."

Herole Managing Director Carsten Herold

Carsten Herold
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Travel advice
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Information about payment and invoices

Herolé-Reisen is one of the leading organizers of customized class trips, study tours and group trips. The offers range from active, adventure to ESD class trips. With them classes of all school forms and carriers as well as groups and associations from Germany, Austria and further countries travel.

With these individual programs Herolé promotes the general knowledge and the cohesion of the travelers. The first priority here is high satisfaction and quality at fair prices.

In this case study, you will learn how Herolé uses an AI chatbot to provide the best possible advice to their customers.


Despite numerous requests, the existing service hours could not be expanded due to a lack of resources. At the same time, Herolé was confronted with increasing expectations from travelers regarding 24/7 accessibility and immediate responses.

In addition, the consistent quality of responses could not always be guaranteed due to the involvement of external call centers.

Recently, only a few customers used the self-service area "meinHerolé" to resolve their concerns there.


By using chatbot Hermine on the official website and WhatsApp, popular questions about booking, payment, documents or travel preparations are now answered automatically.

The most important goal of this solution is to ensure high customer:internal satisfaction. For this purpose, Hermine asks after answering a question whether the information was helpful. This enables the Herolé service team to check afterwards which answers have been sufficient so far or whether the answers need to be enriched with further information.

The fact that Hermine is primarily used to answer repetitive standard questions is made clear above all by the fact that Herolé also wants to use the service team in the long term to answer more complex queries.

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