RCS - Rich Communication Services

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Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a protocol of mobile operators and is driven by GSMA, the industry association of international mobile operators.[1]

RCS and Chatbots

RCS Business Messaging is a further development of mobile messaging that increases and improves communication between people and companies. It enables companies to increase customer engagement by using business messaging through chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI). It's no longer necessary to download multiple apps, users get direct access to a range of brands and services within the messaging app itself, so they can work with virtual assistants to book flights, buy clothes, make restaurant reservations, and more.[2]

Rich Messaging Chatbot via "SMS"

In very simplified terms, RCS can be considered the successor to SMS and MMS. Only with rich messaging content like buttons and videos. RCS is integrated by Google and Apple into the already pre-installed Android Messages [3] app and iMessage [4] app. So theoretically, every Android and iOS user has access to RCS.


Android calls the system RBM (Rich Business Messaging)[5]. Apple calls its service ABC (Apple Business Chat)[6]. To use the systems, however, the RCS transmission protocol must be supported by the respective carrier.

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