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Best practices for the use of AI chatbots in the tourism industry.

May 16, 2023

2 pm

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How to optimize your service and improve UX with AI

In the webinar, you will gain valuable insights into the simple implementation of AI chatbots in customer service and learn how this can help you support your team even better and satisfy your customers. Our expert will share the latest trends in chatbot technology and show you how you can leverage them for your business. You will learn about the benefits chatbots offer and how they help you to relieve employees and save costs at the same time.

We show concrete use cases and Stefanie Frei from vtours shares her empirical values and gives helpful tips on what really matters when creating your own chatbot. You'll learn first-hand and get valuable recommendations for building chatbots in your own business.

Of course, we also allow enough time for your questions and discussions so that you can clarify any open points and gain valuable insights for your own chatbot strategy.


Arrow  1. introduction: introduction of the speakers

Arrow 2. why chatbots in tourism?
- Importance & advantages of chatbots in the tourism industry
- Cost saving and time saving for an efficient service
- Human Handover: Man and Machine Hand in Hand

Arrow 3. technology and features of chatbots
- Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, AI, ChatGPT
- Functions of chatbots: automation, personalization, multichannel integration

Arrow 4. chatbots in practice
- Successful Chatbot Implementations in the Tourism Industry
- Lessons learned and experiences
- Best practices for the implementation of chatbots in customer service

Arrow 5. discussion and questions
- Questions and discussions from the participants
- Summary and outlook

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