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How TUI Cruises uses chatbot Thies to handle up to 70,000 conversations a month during peak times.

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"We are proud that we were able to bring Thies 'on board' in such a short time. With his knowledge, our helmsman competently and charmingly provides interested guests with information and at the same time relieves our colleagues on the phone."

TUI Cruises Adriano Napoli

Adriano Napoli
Head of Customer Service Development TUI Cruises



Company size

18.000+ employees:inside




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These customers already trust us. When will you join us?

up to 70.000

Conversations handled by chatbot Thies during peak times per month

1,300 Intents

The chatbot exhibits a great deal of knowledge.

From 5.6 % to 4

the error rate of the chatbot could improve thanks to the continuous chatbot training.

TUI Cruises is a German cruise company and offers trips around the world. Due to the diversity of the offer, from itinerary to cabin location, the cruise product requires consultation.

In the case study, you will learn how TUI Cruises uses a chatbot to offer customers the best possible advice and at the same time relieve employees.


The large amount of information about the ship voyages cannot be provided through the website interface or through resources in the customer:inside service. There were only a few contact points on the website to get in touch with the customer service.

Customers have recurring questions such as: "How big is the pool on the ship?", "When will I receive my travel documents?


A chatbot on the website is to be available to visitors 24/7 and provide immediate answers to the most frequently asked and recurring customer questions. The goal is to relieve the customer service on the one hand and at the same time to offer customers a better service.

To build up the chatbot's knowledge, the elaborately maintained FAQ pages from the TUI Cruises website were prepared for the chatbot. For all questions, 15-20 similar training phrases were created in an Excel spreadsheet to provide the system with over 1,000 intents. Accordingly, the chatbot was already able to provide answers to over 1,000 different questions.

The chatbot was naturally given its own personality as a representative of the company. Thies the helmsman shines with a Nordic manner and has unique character traits that were still worked out in a workshop alongside the personas.

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