Conversational testing

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Conversational Testing is part of the Conversational Designswhich is used when creating the Conversational Map or the conversation flows comes into play. This is where the lines of conversation of the chatbot are formulated and replayed in a real conversation. Primarily, the so-called Happy Paths to confirm the viability of the scenario. The testing could look like this:

Procedure for Conversational Testing

  1. Two interlocutors meet as testers. One represents the chatbot and one represents the user.
  2. A conversation line from the Conversational Map is defined for testing.
  3. The test person dives into the personality of the chatbot.
  4. The test subjects sit back to back.
  5. The role of the user tries to solve a certain problem with the chatbot and the partner tries to answer as the chatbot would do.
  6. The conversation is recorded and transcribed.
  7. The conversation will be revised and optimized if necessary.


The goal of Conversational Testing is to make the conversation as natural as possible with the user. At Conversational copywriting will be used in consideration of the chatbot tonality the news, but it's hard to get a feel for whether it's a natural conversation. Conversational testing can, for example, uncover complex formulations or sentences that are too nested.

Because it applies: A person wants to write in a chat just as he communicates with his fellow human beings.

Another way to test the viability of a chatbot is to use the Wizard of Oz Method.

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