Insult Rate

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The insult rate is a KPI (key performance indicator) in chatbot analytics that indicates how often the chatbot is insulted by the user. For example, if there were two out of a total of 20 conversations in which the user was insulted, this results in an insult rate of 10%. Chatbots often still reach their limits in that they do not have answers to the user's questions or provide incorrect information. This usually results in frustration on the part of the user, which causes insults to be elicited. Sometimes insults also occur without any reasons from the user. This is because the inhibition threshold for insults on the Internet is low due to anonymity. Especially with chatbots, where there are no human interlocutors. Accordingly, chatbots become victims of so-called trolls. Trolls are familiar from social networks, where they use comment functions to post their opinions in a provocative manner.

In general, the insult rate is an important metric that can provide information about user acceptance or the efficiency of the chatbot. However, when observing the insult rate, one should also keep in mind which target group is involved and which effects the specific use case can have.

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