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Quick Replies are a form of interaction in messaging platforms and appear as buttons under a message. In contrast to Cards, Quick Replies disappear after they have been operated. With the help of Quick Replies, users have the possibility to click through content in the chatbot instead of typing their request in the input field. If, for example, the chatbot offers a button with the name "Help", it will end up being nothing else than if the user types in "Help" and sends it. The communication is accelerated and the users get an orientation about the topics the chatbot offers.

Depending on the output channel or messaging platform, different names are used for Quick Replies.


Messaging Platform designation
Facebook Messenger Quick Reply, Quick Reply
Google Assistant Suggestion Chips
Microsoft Bot Framework Suggested Actions
slack Slack interactive buttons
Skype HeroCard
telegram Keyboard Buttons
viber keyboards


Here is an example picture for Quick Replies in Facebook Messenger: 

Quick Replies

Application in Dialogflow

If you create or edit Intents in Dialogflow, you will find several ways to reply as a chatbot in the Response section. Among other things you can choose the Quick Reply format and name the buttons in the form of a list.

A Quick Reply Response is displayed in the messaging platforms as a predefined User Response, which is sent back to Dialogflow by clicking on it.


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