Conversational office

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A conversational office refers to corporate communication that is based on the use of Chatbots and voice assistants to a large extent. This is because many communication processes take place within companies that can be automated. It already starts with employer branding, where, for example, chatbots run on the website or on Facebook Messenger, which provide information about job opportunities or exciting facts about the company.

application processes

Recruiting can also take place via bots. For example, a user can answer certain questions that enable the chatbots to display suitable job advertisements. The application process can then also be integrated within the messenger, as functions such as uploading CVs or sending an interview video of the applicant are also possible. After successful employment, the chatbot can continue to maintain contact with the previous applicant and take over an onboarding process: "Where can I find my payslips?", "Where can I actually apply for vacation?" - are answered immediately.

Office support

In addition, chatbots can become everyday assistants to employees in companies and, for example, always provide information about the offers in the canteen or remind them that the shuttle bus will be leaving soon, order cabs, find out telephone numbers or even take over IT support. The topics are numerous. In summary, the use cases described above offer a great deal of potential for automating internal communication in companies, enabling companies to save resources in the long term and build up a close relationship with their employees with the goal of becoming a conversational office.

Conversational office

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