Conversational copywriting

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Conversational copywriting is one of three disciplines in the Conversational Design. In addition to web text writing, technology and psychology are decisive building blocks in holistic conversational design. Here it is important to pay attention to a balance of the 3 components, in order to avoid that the user is disappointed on his Chatbot-Journey.

The development of chatbots requires not only technical components, but also design-oriented ones. In Conversational Design, for example, psychological aspects are also considered. Questions such as "How do I motivate the user in the conversation?", "How do I calm him down with critical questions? - The type of communication is defined accordingly in Conversational Copywriting. It represents formulating the right and appropriate chatbot messages. You should especially pay attention to the Conversation maxims according to Grice orientation.

Conversation maxim for Conversational Copywriting

  1. Maxime for quality: Provide information that is truthful (Avoid obscurity of expression)
  2. Maxime for quantity: Deliver only as much information as necessary, not more (Be brief - avoid unnecessary prolixity)
  3. Maxime for relevance: Deliver only information that is useful (Be orderly)
  4. Maxime for modality: Avoid ambiguous or unclear information (Avoid ambiguity)

These maxims lay the foundation for effective communication.

In addition, the chatbot messages should be adapted to the tonality of the chatbot.

"Conversational copywriting is still about selling ... but in a way that is honest, transparent, and respectful of your audience." – Nick Usborne

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