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Edge cases are not expected outputs of a conversation that occur rarely and are therefore exceptions in the conversation. These Edge Cases can be created within the Conversational Map or the conversation flows. The counterpart to Edge Cases are the Happy Paths ...and the This describes the expected outputs of a conversation, which are most often taken by the user.

Example for the Happy Path on the Use Case "Order Pizza

This example shows how a "happy" conversation between user and chatbot can look like when ordering a pizza. All information given by the user to the chatbot can be processed and there will be no misunderstandings.

Example for the Happy Path

Example for the Edge Case at the Use Case "Order Pizza

From this example you can see that there can also be great potential for error if the user sends replies which the chatbot cannot process. The graphic below shows that the user enters an address that is outside of Germany. In this case no delivery can take place. Such Edge Cases should be considered in advance and displayed in the Conversational Map. One should ask oneself how the user is treated in such situations. For example, you inform the user that you only deliver within Germany or you give him the opportunity to re-enter the address in case of a misunderstanding.

Example of Edge Cases in Conversations

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