System Entities

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Entities are used to extract user information from natural language.

A distinction is usually made between system entities and custom entities. System entities are entities already contained in the system for addresses, times and numbers, for example. For a complete list of Dialogflow system entities, see System Entities. The following are some examples of the different types of system entities.

System Mapping

These system units have reference values. For example, matches common date references such as "January 1, 2015" or "First day of January 2015" and returns a reference value in ISO-8601 format: 2015-01-01T12:00:00-03:00

System Enum 

>These entities do not have a reference value. For example, @sys.colour matches the most common colours and returns the matching colour as it is without assigning it to a reference value. For example, reds like "scarlet" or "purple" are not mapped to "red" but return their original values of "scarlet" and "purple".

System Composite 

Diese Entitäten können andere Entitäten mit Aliasen enthalten und Objekttypwerte zurückgeben. Beispiel: @sys.unit-currency dient zum Abgleichen von Geldbeträgen mit einem Währungsnamen wie „50 Euro“ oder „20 Dollar und 5 Cent“. Es wird ein Objekttypwert zurückgegeben, der aus zwei Attribut-Wert-Paaren besteht: {„amount“:50,“currency“:“EUR“}

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