Chatbot Operations

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The Chatbot Operations starts after the development phase of the Chatbot and usually requires the Go Live, i.e. the publication of the Chatbot. So it's about the Operation of the Chatbots. Because after real users interact with the chatbot, there is a lot of potential for optimization and above all, the chatbot must be constantly trained.

The aim is to optimize the chatbot both in the short and long term.

When optimizing the chatbots at short notice, the conversations with the users should be checked daily immediately after the live position. This can then be reduced after a certain training level of the chatbot. The most important thing is to train the chatbot. This means correcting wrong intent assignments, matching new training phrases and updating new content.

In the long term, consideration should be given to whether, for example, the Messenger Service was the right one, which existing services function well or badly, which further questions or processes the chatbot can still develop or whether one would like to roll out further languages or into countries.

Chatbot Operations can also only be efficiently operated with functioning analytics to measure against its targets or KPIs. You can build your own analytic tools or integrate third party tools such as Chatbase or Dashbot.

The chatbot operation also includes an Intent Management Guideline, which defines processes and rules in which way new content should be added to the chatbot and what you should pay attention to. These guidelines cover topics such as intent granularity, correlation, naming conventions, and approval processes.

Chatbot Operations


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