Tourism Customer service in turbulent times

Challenges, adaptations and innovations in the tourism and hospitality industry

As a loyal fvw reader, you know how complex the topic of customer service is. In our industry report, especially for customer service managers and decision-makers, you will receive an exciting analysis of the situation and valuable recommendations on how you can improve your customer service. Among other things, you will find answers to the following questions: What influence do negative reviews have on booking behavior? How can I protect my employees from insults? How have customer demands changed?

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Customer:ing Service Managers

Your team is overwhelmed by a large number of repetitive requests that take up an unnecessary amount of resources? Your customer service representatives don't have enough time to adequately address the concerns that really matter? Watch our webinar to learn how a chatbot can help you overcome these challenges.

Relieve employees

Customer Experience Manager:inside

In the tourism sector, suppliers' products are often very similar. This leads to high customer turnover. However, if you provide a positive experience for your customers by offering excellent support that provides round-the-clock advice and the right answers, this can help reduce customer churn.

Bind customers

Decision maker:inside

You are already aware that using a chatbot can lead to higher customer satisfaction, cost savings and customer retention. However, are you unsure if your company has the resources to do so? Our webinar will provide you with the answers and highlight key stakeholders and necessary resources that can help.

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Expect to see solutions to the following challenges:

  • Shortage of specialists in customer service
  • Verbal attacks on service employees
  • The influence of negative ratings on booking behavior
  • Customer Service in the Digital Age: The Demands of Gen Z & Millennials
  • Lost revenue due to lack of accessibility

Who are the BOTfriends?

BOTfriends designs and develops successful chat and phonebot solutions for tour operators, booking platforms and hospitality companies. Years of experience meet individual consulting, state-of-the-art generative AI technology and an intuitive platform that greatly simplifies the creation and maintenance of bots.

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