Trainings Phrases / Utterances

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Training phrases are a main component of intents. They serve to recognise the previously defined user intentions in the best possible way. For each intent, different question variations are stored in a knowledge base. [1][2][3]

Examples for Training Phrases / Utterances

The following examples show different formulations, all aimed at the same purpose, the weather:

"How will the weather be tomorrow",

"Do I need an umbrella tomorrow?"

"Is there bathing weather tomorrow in Würzburg?"

Scope of Training Phrases / Utterances

How many training phrases are recommended per intent depends strongly on the technology used. The following table shows BOTfriends' experience with the Dialogflow tool.

Number of training phrases/recognition by Dialogflow Intent recognition
< 5 Bad
< 15 alright
< 50 good
< 100 Very good

*It is noted that with Dialogflow more utterances lead to better intent recognition. With other providers, it was found that the quality of the intent recognition decreases again with too many utterances.

Of course, the number of question variations also depends strongly on the use case. In principle, it should be ensured that as many different question variations as possible are included and that the utterances do not overlap with other intents in order to avoid an intent correlation.

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