Voice Bot / Assistant

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A voice bot is a special form of a conversational user interface and is the counterpart to a chatbot. Conversational user interfaces make it possible to communicate with computer systems in natural language. The input and output of a voice bot is realised via spoken language.

The technology of Voice Bots

The computer is able to convert the incoming speech into text using a Speech-To-Text Converter. The converted text is then interpreted and processed by the system using Natural Language Processing. The output of the speech is done by a Speech-To-Text technology.

For example, the Cloud Services Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech from Google and other providers can be used to convert spoken language into text.[1]

Application areas of Voice Bots

Classic voice bots are the Virtual Assistants Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple and the Google Assistant, which are mainly operated with voice. However, these can also be addressed by text input. Voice bots can also be found in the smart home area, where they can be used to control the lamps or the heating, for example, using voice commands. [2]

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