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Prebuilts, or ready-made knowledge bases, are a collection of content for specific chatbot use cases. Chatbots live on content that is taught to them. To develop a chatbot, it is important to enrich it with content, i.e. questions and answers. The more content, the broader its knowledge and thus the answers it can give. Prebuilts help with the development and can be used as "boosters". If you want to build a chatbot in the area of IT support, for example, it is very helpful to be able to fall back on such prefabricated knowledge bases so that a basic stock of content is already available depending on the use case.

How are Prebuilts structured? 

Prebuilts consist of question options, entities and answers. To increase the speech recognition of a chatbot, it is important to store many different question options for an intent. Furthermore, entities and answers belong to each intention. Prebuilt exemplary answers exist for prebuilts, which the customer can adopt 1:1, but of course also adapt to the company, character and tonalityof the chatbot.

How can Prebuilts be used? 

Prebuilts are usually easy to integrate. In most cases, the prebuilts are integrated via the NLP service used. Here, there is often a one-click integration with which you can quickly and easily import the required content. Another possibility to work with prebuilts is the integration within Intent Management Platforms (IMP). These platforms are there to make content-specific changes quickly and easily.

Which Prebuilts are already used sensibly? 

There are already many available sample prebuilts that can be integrated into a chatbot. The Smalltalk Prebuilt is certainly one of the most frequently used prebuilts. This also makes a lot of sense, because if you look at a typical communication of a user with a chatbot, especially at the beginning some smalltalk questions like "How are you?", "How old are you?" are asked. However, there are also other pre-builts, such as weather, news or restaurant bookings. Here you have to pay attention to the languages in which these prebuilts are available. All in all, prebuilts can provide start-up help in some areas and support the development of a chatbot.

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