"You got it, your client wants it."

Such economic approaches are well known, but if we look at the system again, we ask ourselves: What can we optimise? How can we save resources and is it possible for us to present ourselves better online? With so-called chatbots, sales processes and product consultations can be simplified by creating a natural dialogue and also help to save money.

Thinking about the questions again, it immediately occurs to us that only a few sales teams are available around the clock. And this at a time when customers expect to be able to shop at any time and contact friendly support if they have questions. It seems that it is not as easy to reach the Millennials target group online as we thought, and in addition, new employees usually have a poor overview of the company's entire range of products. This is all annoying, but what is the best way to tackle these problems?

Using Conversational Design as an opportunity

From initial contact to product advice to automated purchase transactions - chatbots will be indispensable in the future. The text- or voice-based programmes complement your team fluently, so that your employees really only have to devote themselves to the most important tasks. For example, the bot takes over the collection of relevant customer information in a comparatively human form of communication. In case your bot gets stuck, we have developed an intelligent handover tool for your employees.

Chatbots can be implemented in almost any scenario imaginable because they use a "conversional interface" that is very similar to human (computer-mediated) communication. Let's think of reservations, the delivery status of an order or travel bookings, for example. Processes that can already be automated are extended by a new level of communication and thus significantly improve the user experience.

If you can't imagine exactly how a conversation with such an interface could look like, here is a short example:

Chatbot Consultation

Pre-decisions are just one of an unimaginable number of possibilities that can be realised with chatbots. Every company, regardless of its size, can present its products in this innovative way. Maybe one of your prospects already has a specific product in mind and wants to learn more about it? Let the chatbot speak and share exclusive information or present selected alternatives. There are no limits to the possibilities.

Well thought out - cleverly solved What does this mean for your company in concrete terms? You will certainly save valuable time. The human error rate decreases. In addition, the costs of customer service are reduced, you build a better relationship with the younger generation and create an innovative image.

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