Agents in Dialogflow

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"Agents" are best described as Natural Language Understanding (NLU) modules. These modules can be integrated into an app, website, product or service and transfer text or spoken user queries into meaningful data. This transformation occurs when a user's utterance is intentional (intent) in which "Agent" matches.

The matching intent then delivers an answer to the user.

This answer can be a simple text or a spoken confirmation or a webhook answer. Type-related parameters (e.g. temperature, date, locations) can be recognized from the query to create the answer. Actions" are used to fill the parameters with actual values. Requests of the user can be forwarded to external services to fill the desired parameters with values.

An agent is the central point of entry for an Dialog flow Application All Intents with the corresponding utterancesResponses and actions are maintained using the agent.

Creating an Agent

The creation of an agent must be done on the Dialogflow start page. The creation via a REST-API interface is not intended.


Example of how to create agents in Dialogflow


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