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A Chatbot Controller forms the heart of a chatbots and is used to create, configure and manage a chatbot and to integrate various systems and services. However, the term chatbot controller is not uniformly defined. Sometimes the functionality of chatbot controllers is also covered by the so called Conversational AI platforms.


The following architecture of the company BOTfriends shows how a Chatbot Controller can be related to other systems. The controller is located in the center of the figure.

Architecture of a controller

The Chatbot Controller enables the communication with connectorNLP Service, Analytics Tool and contains further functions. Furthermore the controller offers the possibility to connect further systems. A component for the chatbot logic is also included.

Connected systems and services 

In the following, the systems and services that are linked to the Chatbot Controller are explained:

  • Admin Interface

The Admin Interface is an interface with which various parameters of the controller can be configured. Among other things, it is possible to create user accounts and manage projects.

  • NLP service

An NLP service enables Natural Language Processing and thus the processing and output of natural language. Thus on the one hand the intention and/or the request of the user is determined from the entered natural language and depending on the Chatbot logic the suitable answer is given.

  • channels

This refers to all channels through which the user enters data and the corresponding output of the chatbot is displayed. Exemplary channels would be the Facebook Messenger or a website chat.

  • connector

The task of the connector is to translate the different protocols in which conversations are output from the different channels. After the interpretation by the chatbot, the conversation is again transferred to the connector in a uniform format and translated accordingly for the respective channels.

  • analytics

It is also possible to integrate so-called analytics tools into a chatbot. These enable you to analyze and optimize conversation data.

  • Additional Features

Depending on the use case of the chatbot and partly also depending on the branch in which the chatbot is used, it sometimes makes sense to connect functions such as multilingualism and other systems such as ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) to the chatbot.

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